1,000 Blog Posts!

The Mr. Media Training Blog is celebrating its 1,000th blog post today!

When I started the blog in July 2010, we were lucky to get 30 visits per day. Four years later, it has become the world’s most-visited media training website. Thank you for helping to make that happen!

Here’s some quick math: Each blog post takes about 90 minutes to write, proofread, and tag, and an additional 30 minutes or so to promote. That’s two hours per post, times 1,000, which totals 2,000 hours. And that’s almost surely a low estimate.

That means that over the past four years, I’ve worked at least an entire year on the blog (the average American work year is 50 weeks per year times 40 hours per week, or 2,000 hours). All of that time came in addition to running an increasingly busy practice, starting a family, and writing my first book, The Media Training Bible. It’s been an enormous investment of time and energy.

And that’s why I’d like to ask for your help.

number 1000 birthday candle

Although this blog has continued to grow by double digits every year, blog traffic has leveled off a bit recently. I’d be grateful if you would help me spread the word. Here are a few ways to help:

1. Sign Up For Our Newsletter

The most helpful thing you could do is sign up for our weekly newsletter here and encourage all of your colleagues and friends who would benefit from this blog to do the same. Email is simply the best way to keep in touch with our latest posts. That’s because Facebook is forcing brands to pay to have their posts seen, and many of our tweets get lost in the shuffle.

2. Tell Your Readers About Our Blog

If you write a blog, please tell your readers about this website and its daily media training and public speaking tips. If you have a company or organizational e-newsletter, please link to one of our posts. You can find a few options here or here.

3. Use Social Media

Post a message onto your Twitter, Facebook, or other social media accounts encouraging your readers to check out the Mr. Media Training Blog (www.MrMediaTraining.com).

Thank you very much for your readership and support. With your help, I look forward to growing the blog and sharing the next 1,000 posts with you!