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Our custom media training workshops are highly tailored to your organization and designed to deliver immediate results.

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How is Throughline Different?

Not all media training workshops are created equal

One client told us we go “Google crazy.” She meant it as a compliment. She was pleasantly surprised by how much homework we had done in advance of her company’s media training session. Her group recognized that we had conducted deep research into their industry, reviewed their previous media clips, and developed a workshop that helped them identify—and solve—their biggest media challenges.

As a result, they left their private media training workshop feeling fully empowered as media spokespersons—and knew they could navigate even the most challenging questions with poise and confidence.

We’ve been recognized as industry leaders for a long time. We’ve trained many thousands of people during our in-person and live remote workshops, including hundreds of top corporate executives. Our book, The Media Training Bible, has been Amazon’s top-selling media training book since its release in 2012. One of our web properties became the world’s most-visited media training website.

But enough about us. Because really, it’s about you—and what our deep experience allows us to do for you. We focus relentlessly on one thing: helping you realize immediate results.

And because we know that mastering any skill is a lifelong task, we’ll be with you long after your media training session ends.

If you invest in us, we’ll invest in you.

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An Essential Guide for Media Interviewing Success

In this free e-book, you will learn how to develop a compelling media message, deliver it effectively, and modify your approach to meet the medium.

An Essential Guide for Media Interviewing Success

Who will benefit from this custom media workshop?

Anyone ready to take on even the toughest interviewers

Representatives from companies, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, individuals, and many other organizations will benefit from our custom media training. We design each session for anyone whose role requires them to engage with the press or prepare others for media interactions, including:

  • Print, online, radio, and broadcast interviews
  • Phone, remote, on-set, and in-person interviews
  • Zoom, Facebook Live, and other virtual formats
  • Press conferences
  • In-house video shoots

We customize each workshop to provide tips, strategies, guidance, and practice sessions that best suit your individual needs. Given this individualized approach, the workshops are perfect for media spokespersons of all levels. Beginners get a framework they can apply to future interviews, while more experienced spokespersons learn new techniques to enhance their existing skill set.

Whatever your starting point, our trainers will tailor the feedback so that you can immediately incorporate new skills that are individualized to your personality and approach to media interviews. You’ll also receive tools and tips to help you refine your media presence into the future.


Throughline’s media training workshop is only the beginning of a much longer relationship. We’ll help you gain confidence, master critical skills, and unleash your full communications potential long after you’ve left your session. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Here are five ways we're different:

  • Full customization

    Relevant practice interview questions. Tailored agenda. Extensive clips review prior to your training. We’ll know you before you walk in the door.

  • Deeper curriculum

    You’ll learn the most essential media interviewing skills—but you’ll go deeper than the basics. We’ll teach you the subtle points that often get overlooked—but can make a huge difference. 

  • Greater focus on your message

    Many media training workshops, whether in person or virtual, over-emphasize body language. While the manner in which you deliver your message is vitally important, your delivery rests upon the quality of your message. We’ll give you detailed feedback on both.

  • Extensive practice and practical feedback

    You’ll have the opportunity to practice, experiment, expand your range and receive personalized feedback. There’s no delayed gratification here—you’ll be able to implement the feedback you receive immediately and watch your confidence soar as your skills grow in real time. We’ll give you the direct feedback you need to grow, but in the warm and encouraging environment you deserve.

  • Highly experienced trainers

    Since 2004, our trainers have helped media guests prepare for the world’s biggest stages, including virtually every major broadcast and cable news outlet, radio network, newspaper, website and more. We’ve prepared members of Congress for national prime time interviews, corporate leaders for interviews with hostile reporters, and advocates publicizing lifesaving safety campaigns. Whatever your communications challenge, we’ve likely seen it—and have the experience to help you meet it.

What Will I Learn During My Custom Media Training Workshop?

How to Manage Your Message and the Media

The best communicators continuously nurture their skills and build their expertise through training, practice, and preparation. During your custom media training workshop, our trainers will focus on the media skills that will help you to build and enhance your media presence. You’ll learn the tips and techniques that will allow you to best convey your message, remain authentic, and stay in control of your media interviews.

Want to know the best practices for different types of media interviews, including online interviews and live streams?

You’ll learn what is the proper technical set up and the most effective body langauge to project a more dynamic presence to a virtual audience.

Worried about hostile or tough questions?

Our trainers will help you to field unexpected and challenging questions during real-to-life practice sessions. You’ll also learn how to comment when you can’t.

Are you nervous during your media interviews?

You’ll learn how to reduce your anxiety and manage your fear more effectively with tailored strategies and tips that will keep you focused on your audience and your message.

Do you want to appear more confident?

We’ll provide tips and techniques that align with your specific style and content, so that you will look and feel more comfortable and authentic during your interview.

During your interactive workshop, you also will learn how to:

  • Understand the rules of working with the media
  • Interview for print, radio, television, and online outlets
  • Get the headlines you want
  • Deliver a crisp 15-second description of your work
  • Identify your true target audience
  • Boost your credibility with the audience
  • Develop messages that have impact
  • Use the “message support stool” to strengthen messages
  • Tell a story that moves minds and drives action
  • Cite data in a compelling manner
  • Develop irresistible media sound bites
  • Transition from off-topic questions to on-message responses
  • Manage adversarial and hostile questioning
  • Remain “on message” without compromising authenticity
  • Spot and avoid reporters’ tricks
  • Create the right “feedback loops” through effective body language
  • Model best practices for gesture, posture, voice, and eye contact for in-person and online media interviews
  • …and more, customized to your specific needs


Our proven teaching methodology, which has been delivered successfully hundreds of times to tens of thousands of people since 2004, features a diverse mix of relevant activities designed to help participants grow their skill set meaningfully—often dramatically—during the training day. During your in-person or remote media training workshop, you will learn through:

  • Practice interviews

    You’ll deliver several practice interviews during your media training workshop. After each round, you’ll receive specific feedback on your message and delivery. We’ll videotape your practice interviews and review key excerpts with you—and you’ll get to take your videos with you.

  • Challenging questions

    We’ll ask you the questions a fair but skeptical interviewer might ask and empower you with strong answers that defang reporters—and win over audiences.

  • Interactive lectures

    Our fast-moving lectures are packed with real-life examples and opportunities to practice new skills, and are led by dynamic trainers who know how to hold your attention.

  • Breakout exercises

    Peer-to-peer learning and practice with trainer observation and feedback.

  • Two-way feedback

    Giving feedback to other participants helps you develop a critical lens for what works well and what could be even better. Receiving feedback from other participants and the trainer helps you understand what’s resonating best and distracting most about your performance.

  • Video examples

    We’ll show several curated clips of interviewees demonstrating speaking best practices, often in unexpected and highly effective ways.


Because we know “one and done” isn’t enough, our relationship extends long past the training day. After you leave our workshop, you’ll continue your learning through: 

  • Ten in-depth clients-only reports

    You’ll receive in-depth articles once a month for ten months following your training. These reports will go deeper into areas that will help you learn, practice, and refine new skills throughout the year. Sample topics might include advanced media “bridging” techniques, a deeper dive into sound bites, and handling a media crisis.

  • A free one-hour phone or Skype call

    You can schedule a free one-hour call with one of our trainers within one year of your training, during which you can discuss an upcoming interview, ask us to review a video of an interview you recently conducted, or anything else that would help you advance your learning. (Offer extended to five people in any private workshop.)

  • Relevant takeaway materials

    You’ll receive our 254-page bestselling book The Media Training Bible, worksheet templates, and videos of your practice interviews.

  • A 20% discount

    A 20 percent discount on our standard hourly consulting fee for two years following your training.

Media Training

Other Media Training Offerings

In addition to the media training workshop format described above, we also offer:

  • One-on-one executive media training
  • Advanced media training sessions
  • Media training refresher courses
  • Training via Zoom or other virtual technology
  • Coaching for online video and Facebook Live
  • Other customized options (please inquire)

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