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Throughline Group, LLC
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Hello, Prospective Client!

We’re delighted you’ve decided to learn more about us. We typically advise our clients to define themselves based on who they are rather than who they are not, but I’m going to take some license and break my own rule here. (First, you have to know the rules. Then, you can decide when to break them.)

I’ve been in this business since 2004. My previous company, Phillips Media Relations, became a successful media and presentation training firm. Our blog became the world’s most-visited media training website for many years, and my book, The Media Training Bible, is still Amazon’s top-selling title on the subject.

But for many years, I was nagged by a concern about our trainings.

Any skill—particularly one as essential to success as public speaking or media interviewing—requires regular, ongoing refinement. But when our workshops ended, so did our training. Sure, our clients would receive the occasional email newsletter from us, but they were largely left to their own devices after their session ended. We lacked a rigorous system to foster their growth over time.

We weren’t alone. The “one and done” syndrome plagues the industry.

We started Throughline to solve that problem. We wanted to focus on relationships, not transactional one-time workshops. While our training workshops still remain the core of our offerings, we will now be an asset to you long after the training day ends.

Our company’s mission statement is this:

“We are generous; a team of ‘mensches’ motivated by a desire to vastly exceed customer expectations and a sincere drive to improve our clients’ effectiveness in their professional and personal lives.”

If you’re not familiar with the term mensch, vocabulary.com defines it as “a good person, someone you really like and admire. Your neighbor who offers you a ride to work every time he notices that you’ve missed your bus again is a mensch.”

We want to be good, but that’s not enough. We strive to be reliable and trusted advisers who will be there to help you through the high-stakes moments that matter most. We want you to feel deep in your bones that you’re working with people who are genuinely invested in your success. My colleagues and I are all committed to that principle.

Thank you for checking out Throughline. We look forward to working with you.


Brad Phillips
Chief Executive Throughliner

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