Communication Skills Training in NYC and DC

Our communication skills training emphasizes practical guidance, immediate results, and long-term growth.

Public Speaking

We've helped speakers prepare for the world’s biggest stages: TED, the World Economic Forum, and the presidential debate stage. We've helped with thousands of "smaller" talks, too. We know how to translate our deep experience for speakers at all stages of their careers.


    We'll learn about your organization, the audiences to which you speak, and your goals. Then, we'll design a fully customized workshop that delivers practical guidance participants can act upon immediately.

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  • Executive Public Speaking Training

    Benefit from our extensive experience working with top business, nonprofit, and government executives. We develop highly tailored trainings intended to help leaders make the most of their essential communications.

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Media Training

Our highly practical media training sessions empower you to become an effective media spokesperson right away. You'll learn techniques that will allow you to manage even the most challenging media encounters with poise and confidence.


    We'll learn about your organization, develop dozens of real-life practice interview questions, and design a custom agenda that emphasizes the most relevant points for your team.

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  • Executive Media Training

    We've helped thousands of leaders prepare for media interviews with the nation's largest and most influential news organizations. We'll review your existing materials, tailor your session to your real-life topics, and leave you with techniques you can implement immediately.

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The Value of Advanced Communication Skills Training

Gain The Edge Over Your Competitors By Sharpening Your Message

Let’s be honest. Most of us are already rather adept at the fundamentals of communication. We talk.  We talk some more. We talk even more than that. By some estimates, that’s tens of thousands of words every day.

We use those words to deliver everything from simple requests to complicated directions, to everyone from our family and friends to coworkers and strangers.

So, you certainly know how to communicate, but just how effective are you?

Effective communication skills go beyond the art of simply talking. The way we communicate in everyday life does not automatically translate to your turn at the lectern or your appearance on a two-minute live television interview. Nor do you necessarily get the most out of your employees, your donors, your constituents, and any other group you are trying to reach with your key messages.

When you learn how to improve your communication skills, you become the speaker who can:

  • Encourage others to donate money toward charities
  • Inspire employees to hit their sales targets
  • Attract customers to the products you deeply believe in
  • Spur others to advocate for change
  • Bring together key stakeholders
  • Initiate new projects and initiatives
  • Face challenges and obstacles

Most importantly, you achieve your goal of becoming a more dynamic, confident, and effective speaker.

Our communication skills training and media training services are designed to help you:

  • Create clear and persuasive messages
  • Structure a powerful presentation with words and visuals
  • Use your body language to reiterate rather than detract from what you are saying
  • Apply commonsense techniques based on research
  • Reduce and manage your public speaking fear

Since 2004, our industry-leading trainers have worked with tens of thousands of people in our custom workshops to provide professional presentation services and media training.

What makes Throughline stand out?

  • Our commitment to extensive practice and practical feedback
  • Our practical advice with a focus on immediate results, but with a strong foundation in research
  • Our ability to bring about immediate results and long-term transformations
  • Our free post-training programs – one of the most generous in the industry
  • Our tailored and targeted communication skills training that focuses on your goals and your unique style

In addition to our custom workshops, we also provide one-on-one media training coaching and one-on-one public speaking coaching that come  with a customized approach to the challenges, goals, and communication needs of your organization.

Here are some of our other services:

  • Media interview prep
  • Presentation review
  • Legislative testimony

Our level of preparation and research allows us to effectively and productively zero in on areas for your growth and work in real time to find the formula that works for you and your organization.

Effective communication skills training incorporates discussion, interactive exercises, presentation practice, real-time video review, and targeted and immediate feedback. Such attention to detail can be transformative, turning everyday communicators into dynamic public speakers.

Advanced Presentation Skills Training That Makes The Difference

Questions about our executive presentation training? Interested in customizing a workshop for your team?

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  • What does a presentation training company do?

    Whether you are new to public speaking or an experienced speaker, a presentation training company provides research-based and field-tested tips and techniques that help you to improve and expand your public speaking skills.

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  • What do media training companies provide?

    Media training companies provide specialized strategies and techniques that build upon your existing communication skills so that you can authentically, effectively, and confidently convey your message when dealing with the media.

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Ongoing Support

Incorporating new skills and refining existing ones takes time. “One and done” doesn’t work. So, we won’t disappear after your communication and presentation skills training. Long-term follow-up ensures growth over time.

We offer one of the most generous free post-training programs in the industry. You’ll receive 10 clients-only reports that are intended to help you reinforce and build upon what you have learned during your communication skills training program. You’ll also get a one-on-one follow-up consultation with one of our trainers to discuss an upcoming talk or interview, or receive feedback on a recent media interview you gave or a presentation you delivered. If you invest in us, we’ll invest in you.

Deeper Customization

Our custom sessions are highly personalized, which means more personalized attention while working on your real materials. We customize research-based and field-tested tips and techniques to a client’s unique needs – an approach that is crucial to ensuring success. We can help those new to public speaking to gain the confidence to learn and apply the skills and techniques that lead to more effective communication. More experienced speakers will receive more advanced presentation skills training to improve their preparation and delivery.

We Are Industry Leaders

Our first book, The Media Training Bible, was an Amazon #1 Public Relations best seller. Our second book, 101 Ways to Open a Speech, was a Kindle #1 Public Speaking best seller. We’ve trained tens of thousands of people for the world’s biggest stages—and have earned the repeat business of dozens of clients who were thrilled with their results. We approach our communication and presentation skills training courses with a deep commitment to help you build, enhance, and expand your media communications and public speaking skills through customized tools, techniques, and practical guidance.

We Know How to Teach

Knowing how to deliver a successful presentation or interview isn’t enough. It’s far more important to be able to transfer our knowledge to our trainees in a manner that enables them to act on it immediately. We’re rooted in theory but deliver practical advice. We’ve regularly refined our teaching methodology since 2004 and have created a fast-paced, fun, and highly effective workshop that has been delivered successfully hundreds of times.

Whether you seek corporate presentation skills training, executive presentation skills training, or business communication skills training, we have the tools, techniques, and practical know-how to:

  • help you and your organization develop the expertise and confidence to engage with one another and the people you serve and the audiences that matter most
  • deliver targeted presentations that get results
  • create stronger and more persuasive messages

Transformational Change

We offer transformational training based on our years of experience. Our custom communication skills training workshops and one-on-one trainings lead to “a-ha!” moments and deliver long-lasting results. Our clients leave with new perspectives and the tools they need to feel empowered and genuinely confident in their ability to achieve their most ambitious goals.

True Specialists

We’ve worked on the world’s biggest stages and know how to translate our experience. We’ve trained clients for TED Talks, prepared members of Congress for high-pressure interviews, and helped CEOs navigate challenging audiences. We’ve played at the highest levels but know how to translate our experience to speakers at all stages of their careers.