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Our public speaking coaches NYC offer superior training to business, government, and nonprofit leaders headed to stages large and small.

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One-on-One Coaching in New York City

Industry Leaders That Get Results

If you ask the best athletes about their winning ways, they will tell you this: Peak performance is achieved when natural ability meets great coaching. It’s a formula that easily transcends sports. With the proper training and motivation, anyone can build upon the presentation skills they already have and become the speaker they always wanted to be.

In our public speaking workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions we take a tailored and targeted approach to your training by zeroing in on the areas that bring about immediate improvement and results. However, we also have an action plan for your growth that goes much further. We do that by helping you develop a unique set of public speaking tips and techniques tailored to your specific presentation goals. When it’s game time, you will deliver – with confidence – a compelling and effective presentation, whether you are speaking to an audience of Fortune 500 executives or a six-person sales team.

This is how we’ll do it:

  • Developing an action plan that aligns with your style, specific presentation needs, and content
  • Conducting extensive research into your industry or area of expertise so that the tips and techniques are relevant and effective to your needs and more likely to connect with your audience
  • Encouraging a flexible approach so that you have the tools to deliver an effective presentation today, a successful keynote address tomorrow, and persuasive board presentations and global webinars in the future


We know life moves quickly in New York City. Your busy schedule is no exception. Our public speaking coaches are experts at targeting the exercises and techniques that immediately lead to:

  • Better communication skills
  • Stronger and more persuasive messages
  • More effective body language
  • Powerful PowerPoint presentations
  • And more


We have successfully trained thousands of clients since 2004. Through interactive experiences and practice presentations, we encourage you to practice new skills and explore your range. Personalized feedback leads to meaningful, and often dramatic, real-time growth during our coaching sessions.

We work with you so that our strategies and recommendations fit within your corporate culture and professional community. You will learn how to better connect, inform, and inspire your audiences; attract customers and supporters; and enhance your reputation as an expert in the field.

Let us help you become the best speaker you always wanted to be.

Our sessions are held in midtown Manhattan, close to multiple transit points:

Grand Central Terminal: 0.5 miles, 9-minute walk

Penn Station: 0.9 miles, 6-minute taxi ride

LaGuardia Airport: 9 miles, 29-minute taxi ride (depending on traffic)

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  • We conduct deep research into your organization.

    If there’s one thing clients have told us more than anything else, it’s how surprised they were by the amount of research we conducted before each session. Before your customized coaching session, we’ll review your previous and upcoming speeches, PowerPoint presentations, outlines, notes, and video clips. We’ll also learn more about your organization, the audiences you face, and the challenges you encounter when discussing your work.

  • We are industry leaders

    Our first book, The Media Training Bible, was an Amazon #1 Public Relations best seller. Our second book, 101 Ways to Open a Speech, was a Kindle #1 Public Speaking best seller. We’ve trained tens of thousands of people for the world’s biggest stages—and have earned the repeat business of many loyal clients who were thrilled with their results.

  • We know how to teach.

    Knowing how to deliver a successful presentation isn't enough. It's far more important to be able to transfer our knowledge to our clients in a manner that enables them to act on it immediately. We’re rooted in theory but deliver practical advice. We've regularly refined our teaching methodology since 2004 and have delivered hundreds of successful coaching engagements.

  • We root our recommendations in research.

    We regularly hear stories from clients who were instructed by a previous trainer to do something that didn't have any basis in research. As a result, the trainees were trying to communicate in an unnatural manner that went against their instincts—and that didn't work for their audiences. Wherever possible, our advice is based in research, not subjective opinion.


Our services include

  • One-on-one executive presentation training sessions
  • Group executive presentation skills workshops
  • Advanced presentation training sessions
  • Public speaking refresher courses
  • Panelist and panel moderator training
  • Coaching for online video and Facebook Live
  • Sessions held via Skype or other virtual technology
  • TED or TEDx speech preparation
  • Investor pitches
  • and more (please inquire)


11 Easy Steps to Ace Your Next Presentation

From finding your message and opening your talk to choosing the right visuals and managing fear, our free e-book will take you through 11 key steps to delivering a successful presentation.

11 Easy Steps to Ace Your Next Presentation

What Will I Learn?

Deliver a presentation that gets results

Your coaching engagement will focus on your specific needs. Among other topics, you might want to learn how to better:

  • Sharpen the story you want to tell
  • Structure and outline your talk
  • Speak from a script, notes, outline or memory
  • Identify your “bright shiny object” and “ABSO”
  • Align your talk with your audience’s goals
  • Increase the effectiveness of your persuasion attempts
  • Grab the audience with a powerful opening
  • Break the pattern to retain or regain audience interest
  • Balance broad themes with compelling details
  • Use stories and statistics to reinforce your messages
  • Issue a closing call-to-action that gets results
  • Facilitate productive question and answer sessions
  • Answer challenging questions
  • Create the right “feedback loops” through effective body language
  • Model best practices for gesture, posture, voice, and movement
  • Deliver a speech with contagious energy
  • Manage public speaking anxiety
  • Design more effective visuals
  • Use (not abuse) PowerPoint
  • Interact with your PowerPoint slides and notes
  • Avoid the “eye-ear” conflict
  • …and more, modified to achieve your specific goals


Our proven teaching methodology, which has been delivered successfully hundreds of times since 2004, features a diverse mix of relevant activities designed to help participants grow their skill set meaningfully—often dramatically—right away. During your public speaking coaching engagement, you will learn through: 

  • Hands-on presentation development

    We will work together to help you structure your talk, infuse it with memorable detail, deliver it with confidence, and develop effective visuals that complement your words.

  • Practice presentations

    You will deliver several practice presentations. After each round, you’ll receive specific feedback on your message, delivery, and audience interaction. We’ll videotape your practice talks and review key excerpts with you—and you’ll get to take your videos with you.

  • Interactive lectures

    Our fast-moving lectures are packed with real-life examples and opportunities to practice new skills, and are led by dynamic trainers who know how to hold your attention.

  • Video examples

    We’ll show several curated clips of presenters demonstrating public speaking best practices, often in unexpected and highly effective ways.

  • Challenging questions

    We’ll ask you the questions that fair but skeptical audience members might ask—and empower you with strong answers that win over audiences.


If you invest in us, we'll invest in you. After your coaching engagement ends, you’ll continue your learning through:

  • Relevant takeaway materials

    You’ll receive our in-depth presentation training handbook, a copy of 101 Ways to Open a Speech, and videos of your practice talks.

  • Ten in-depth clients-only reports

    You’ll receive in-depth articles once a month for ten months following your training. These reports will go deeper into areas that will help you learn, practice, and refine new skills throughout the year. Sample topics might include delivering better panel presentations, overcoming speaking fear, and speaking from a script.

  • A free one-hour phone or Skype call

    You can schedule a free one-hour call with one of our trainers within one year of your coaching, during which you can discuss an upcoming presentation, ask us to review a video of a speech you recently delivered, or anything else that would help you advance your learning.

  • An annual invitation to our live clients-only webinar

    Once a year, you’ll be invited to a live clients-only webinar, during which we will offer you a refresher, introduce advanced techniques, and answer your questions. We’ll send you the video if you miss the call.

  • A 20% discount

    A 20 percent discount on our standard hourly consulting fee for two years following your training.

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Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Best Practices Based on Practical Advice

One of the fundamental challenges for many presenters is the fear of public speaking. Standing before any group – large or small – can bring about a crippling anxiety in many people. If left unchecked, such fear can derail your presentation. But what if we told you that – if harnessed correctly – this anxiety can be a powerful motivator and help you to excel as a public speaker?

Whether you want to focus on how to reduce your anxiety, create more compelling visuals, reinforce your message, or engage with your audience, we believe advice should be easy to implement, practical, and measurable. Most importantly, it must be based on research, not subjective opinion.

Part of that work is taking a deep dive into what it is that you do. We’ll review your previous and upcoming speeches and presentations. We’ll learn about the audiences you face. And, we’ll discuss any obstacles you typically encounter during your presentations. Solutions only make sense when you can effectively implement them.

We offer a warm and encouraging environment that fosters exploration and experiment. We’ve helped speakers prepare for the World Economic Forum, TED, and a presidential debate. We’ve helped fundraisers connect with donors. We’ve helped municipal leaders better inform their communities. We’ve helped executives present powerful keynote addresses. And, we’ve helped speakers on all types of stages encourage audiences to think big.

Come work with our public speaking coaches in New York City. (We also offer virtual training.)

We Know How to Coach

Find the Right Public Speaking Coach in NYC at Throughline

Whether you are looking for speech coaching or want tips on presentation skills, we have you covered. We know the one constant in any public speaking situation is the person giving the talk – and that’s you. We prepare the person, not just the presenter. By working collaboratively to find solutions to your public speaking needs, we can create an action plan that is adaptable, authentic, and achievable.

Why should you work with us?

We take an interactive approach

With practical and real-life examples, our NYC public speaking coaches work to bring about immediate growth.

We ask the relevant questions

During your training, we observe and listen so we can ask the questions that matter most. Often, these are the most difficult and challenging. However, we know these are the ones that lead to transformational growth.

We value personalized over prescriptive

We help clients develop the strategies they need to become great public speakers. Rather than being prescriptive, the journey is their own. We encourage them to incorporate the advice into their own personality and presentation approach. One size does not fit all.

We are part of your team

We can also work with your communications team to ensure that your public speaking skills and action plan fits with your corporate culture, industry standards, and professional community. You learn how better to connect, inform, and inspire your audiences.

We offer ongoing training

We also offer one of the most generous free post-training programs in the industry, which includes:

  • 10 in-depth clients-only special reports
  • A one-on-one follow up consultation with your trainer before your next presentation
  • Annual refresher webinars


When you are looking to improve your presentation skills, you want the best coach so you can gain the best results. We present ourselves as a proven option.