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Our highly practical public speaking workshops are designed to deliver immediate results.

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How is Throughline Different?

Not all public speaking workshops are created equal.

Throughline’s highly customized public speaking workshops distinguish us in a crowded field of presentation training companies.

Watching one of our clients improve during a Throughline presentation training workshop is a special thing.

It’s also rather common. In fact, it’s far rarer when clients don’t experience an almost immediate improvement and confidence in their presentation skills.

As one client told us, we don’t just create great professional speakers; we foster profound transformations.

We accomplish that by providing clients with a few highly memorable pieces of overarching guidance during their in-person and live online remote workshops. Those big ideas point speakers in a specific direction without being overly prescriptive, allowing each person to incorporate his or her own personality into our advice. Rather than trying to turn you into something you’re not, we work to strengthen and magnify the parts that are already working for you while reducing the distractions that might be getting in your way.

Our recommendations are rooted in published research—we’ll cite some of the more interesting studies—and in the experience we’ve gained through our work with thousands of speakers.

Before your tailored public speaking workshop, we’ll review your previous and upcoming speeches, PowerPoint presentations, outlines, notes, and video clips. We’ll also learn more about your organization, the audiences you face, and the challenges you encounter when discussing your work.

And because we know that mastering any skill is a lifelong task, we’ll be with you long after your presentation training session ends.

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11 Easy Steps to Ace Your Next Presentation

From finding your message and opening your talk to choosing the right visuals and managing fear, our free e-book will take you through 11 key steps to delivering a successful presentation.

11 Easy Steps to Ace Your Next Presentation


  • We focus on your unique needs.

    Many of our clients are surprised by the level of research we conduct before each public speaking training session. Before your customized workshop even begins, we’ve already reviewed your video clips, notes, outlines, PowerPoint presentations, and previous and upcoming speeches to create a more tailored training experience. We learn more about your organization, too, as well as the audiences you face and the challenges you encounter when you are presenting.

  • We help you to achieve immediate results.

    Through fast-paced, fun, and highly effective customized workshops, we offer tips and strategies rooted in theory but delivered as practical advice. We share our expertise in a way that allows our clients to act on that knowledge immediately and quickly build their public speaking skills. Since 2004, we regularly refine our teaching method to reflect best practices and tried-and-true techniques. Our workshops have been delivered successfully in person and remotely hundreds of times.

  • We are industry leaders.

    Our trainers have helped tens of thousands of people become the poised and confident speakers they always wanted to be, whether for the world’s smallest or biggest stages. Our first book, The Media Training Bible, was an Amazon #1 Public Relations best seller. Our second book, 101 Ways to Open a Speech, was a Kindle #1 Public Speaking best seller. We’ve earned the repeat business of many loyal clients who were thrilled with their results.

  • We root our recommendations in research.

    We regularly hear stories from trainees who were instructed by a previous trainer to do something that didn't have any basis in research. As a result, the trainees attempted to communicate in an unnatural manner, which not only went against their instincts, but also didn't work for their audiences. Wherever possible, our advice is based in research, not subjective opinion.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Public Speaking Training?

Gain the Skills to Become a More Effective and Memorable Speaker

During your custom presentation skills workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Identify your “bright shiny object” and “ABSO”
  • Effectively structure and outline your talk
  • Align your message to your audience’s goals
  • Speak from a script, notes, outline, or memory
  • Fine-tune the story you want to tell
  • Boost the effectiveness of your persuasion attempts
  • Develop a dynamic online presence
  • Launch your presentation with a powerful opening
  • Retain and regain audience interest
  • Balance broad themes with compelling details
  • Reinforce your messages with stories and statistics
  • Issue a closing call-to-action that gets results
  • Conduct productive question and answer sessions
  • Answer challenging questions
  • Create the right “feedback loops” through effective body language
  • Model best practices for gesture, posture, voice, and movement
  • Express energy and enthusiasm
  • Manage public speaking anxiety
  • Use (not abuse) PowerPoint
  • Design more effective visuals
  • Interact with your PowerPoint slides and notes
  • Avoid the “eye-ear” conflict
  • …and more, customized to achieve your specific goals


Our proven teaching methodology features a diverse mix of relevant activities that help participants to grow their skills meaningfully, dramatically, and often immediately. We’ve delivered successfully for clients hundreds of times since 2004. During your custom public speaking workshop, we’ll focus on:

  • Interactive lessons

    Our fast-moving online and in-person lectures are packed with real-life examples and opportunities to practice new skills, and are led by dynamic trainers who know how to hold your attention.

  • Video examples

    We’ll show several curated clips of presenters demonstrating public speaking best practices, often in unexpected and highly effective ways.

  • Breakout exercises

    Peer-to-peer learning and practice with trainer observation and feedback.

  • Two-way feedback

    Giving feedback to other participants helps you develop a critical lens for what works well and what could be even better. Receiving feedback from other participants and the trainer helps you understand what works best about your performance and where you can improve.

  • Challenging questions

    We’ll ask you the questions that fair but skeptical audience members might ask—and empower you with strong answers that win over audiences. (This segment usually requires a longer session; let’s talk!)

  • Practice presentations

    You will deliver several practice presentations throughout the workshop. After each round, you’ll receive specific feedback on your message, delivery, and audience interaction. We’ll videotape your practice talks and review key excerpts with you — the videos are yours to keep.


A skill as essential to success as public speaking requires regular, ongoing refinement. Long after your training day is through, we’ll continue to help you to learn and improve your presentation skills through:

  • Relevant takeaway materials

    You’ll receive our in-depth presentation training handbook, a copy of 101 Ways to Open a Speech, and videos of your practice talks.

  • A free one-hour phone or Skype call

    You can schedule a free one-hour call with one of our trainers within one year of your training, during which you can discuss an upcoming presentation, ask us to review a video of a speech you recently delivered, or anything else that would help you advance your learning. (Offer extended to five people in any private workshop.)

  • Ten in-depth clients-only reports

    You’ll receive in-depth articles once a month for ten months following your training. These reports will go deeper into areas that will help you learn, practice, and refine new skills throughout the year. Sample topics might include delivering better panel presentations, overcoming speaking fear, and speaking from a script.

  • A 20% discount

    A 20 percent discount on our standard hourly consulting fee for two years following your training.

  • An invitation to our live clients-only webinar

    Once a year, you’ll be invited to a live clients-only webinar, during which we will offer you a refresher, introduce advanced techniques, and answer your questions. We’ll send you the video if you miss the call.


In addition to the presentation training workshop described above, we also offer:

  • One-on-one executive presentation training sessions
  • Group executive presentation skills workshops
  • Sessions held via Zoom or other virtual technology
  • Coaching for online video and Facebook Live
  • Advanced presentation training sessions
  • Investor pitches
  • TED or TEDx speech preparation
  • Panelist and panel moderator training
  • and more (please inquire)

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