Welcome To The New Mr. Media Training Blog!

Welcome to our new website!

For the first time since launching Mr. Media Training almost five years ago, we have undertaken a complete redesign of the site.

More important, we’ve improved the user experience for you.

As of today, our site is now fully responsive for mobile (finally!). The days of having to stretch one of our pages on your phone to be able to read it are over. Whether you visit us from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone, you will now have a fully optimized experience.
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You’ll also notice a few new features when visiting from a desktop:

  1. Instead of having to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, you’ll now be able to see our seven most recent posts at a quick glance (you’ll see something similar on mobile devices).
  2. A carousel running across the middle of the page contains six “Featured Posts,” helping to solve the problem of useful posts getting buried over time. We’ll update the carousel frequently. (On mobile, you’ll be able to access this feature from the main menu.)
  3. We’ve also made our “Recommended Reading” and “Resources” links easier to find at the top of the page, and will refresh both regularly.

How you can help: 

As with any redesign, you may encounter a glitch or two along the way. Please email us if you spot one at Contact@MrMediaTraining.com (we’d appreciate a screen shot if you see anything particularly off). And if you like what we’ve done, please share our blog with your colleagues and social media networks!

Thank you for being part of our community. We hope you enjoy our newly designed website.

– Brad