The 21 Most Essential Media Training Links

Note: This post was updated in January 2016.

I’ve written hundreds of posts since beginning this blog. Many of the posts containing the most critical tips for media spokespersons have gotten buried, so I wanted to post them all in one easy-to-find place.

So, with no further introduction, here are the 21 links I consider to be the most important to budding media spokespersons. I hope you find them useful! 


Why Going Off-The-Record Is a Dumb Idea

Never Call Reporters Back By Their Deadlines

Eight Questions To Ask Before Every Interview

The Right Way To Tell Reporters About Yourself

Why You Shouldn’t Educate Reporters

Always Remember: The Reporter Isn’t Your Audience



How To Avoid Being Misquoted By Reporters

Eight Ways to Deliver a Better Phone Interview

The Three Things To Kill In Your Media Interviews

Seven Ways to Rock Your Next Radio Interview

Ten Things You Need to Know Before Going on Television

Ten Ways to Create Memorable Media Soundbites

The Media Training Bible Clickable PromoBODY LANGUAGE

Body Language: Energy

Body Language: Eye Contact

Body Language: Gestures

Body Language: Posture


Eliminate the Uhhs and Umms (Part One)

Eliminate the Uhhs and Umms (Part Two)


Seven Rules to Remember When a Crisis Strikes

Seven Ways to Respond to a Negative News Story

How To Select The Right Spokesperson In a Crisis


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