Your 25 Favorite Posts Of 2012

After writing 280 posts in 2012, this is it…the final post of the year!

To help close out the year, I’ve put together the 25 posts you clicked on most, organized as your top five posts in each of five categories.

I wish you and your family a terrific holiday season, and look forward to seeing you back here on Wednesday, January 2, 2013!

Your Five Favorite Media Training Posts of 2012

How to Survive an Ambush Interview

Six Times You Should Call a Press Conference

The 11 Things That Journalists Find Newsworthy

Practicing for Interviews: Focus on What Matters

Pop Quiz: Can You Finish These 20 Advertising Slogans


Your Five Favorite Public Speaking Posts of 2012

Eight Great Ways to Open a Speech

Seven Things Billy Joel Teaches You About Public Speaking

21 Questions to Ask Before Every Presentation

The One Sentence Most Public Speakers Get Wrong

The Biggest Mistake Many Public Speakers Make


 Your Five (Miscellaneous) Favorite Posts of 2012

What To Do When Someone Steals Your Work

The Elements of Great Storytelling (and a 9-Year-Old Boy)

Are Reporters in Hurricanes Heroic or Stupid?

The Ten Best Media Training Quotes, Part Three

Why I Answered My Obscene Commenter


 Your Five Favorite Media Disasters of 2012

The 10 Worst Media Disasters of 2012

Susan G. Komen’s Bad Week in Crisis Communications

NBA Commissioner Asks Radio Host if He Beats His Wife

The 10 Worst Gaffes of Election 2012

Whatever You Do, Don’t Back Up!


 Your Five Favorite Body Language Posts of 2012

Six Things You Need to Know About Body Language

Public Speaking Body Language: Energy

Public Speaking Body Language: Eye Contact

Public Speaking Body Language: Tone

Public Speaking Body Language: PowerPoint


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This post was inspired by Andrew Dlugan’s excellent “Six Minutes” presentation skills blog. I recommend his original post, “50 Most Popular Public Speaking Articles.”