Nine Of My Favorite Public Relations Blogs

In the spirit of the holiday season, I wanted to share some blog love today with nine of my favorite bloggers.

I regularly visit and learn from these nine sites. These bloggers write and share smart content, and many are also entertaining. I hope you’ll check them out and enjoy their work as much as I do.

Inevitably, I’m going to leave out some really talented bloggers whose work I very much enjoy. So let me say that this isn’t intended to be a comprehensive list (and I hope you’ll help me make it more comprehensive by adding your favorites to the comments section).

Without further ado, here are some of my favorites!

The PR Coach (Public Relations) – Jeff Domansky teaches me something new in almost every post. Whether it’s a new social media platform or an emerging PR trend, Jeff always seems a step ahead of everyone else. Plus, he has a terrific sense of humor that manifests itself in the form of some very amusing posts.

Melissa Agnes (Social Media and Crisis Management) – It’s hard to believe that Melissa just entered the blogging scene this year. Her advice regarding the role of social media in crises is always spot on, and she writes in an engaging and direct manner. Plus, she’s relentlessly polite, even when the people she writes about don’t deserve it.

Six Minutes (Public Speaking) – Andrew Dlugan is smart, and he approaches public speaking in a serious manner that goes well beyond the usual platitudes. I learn something from him every time I visit his site, and you will too.

imPRessions PR News + Blog (Public Relations) – Dorothy Crenshaw and I write about some of the same topics, such as how to manage negative press or own a media interview. But she’s one of those bloggers that often makes me think, “Damn. Why didn’t I think of that?” Plus, her other work—such as asking whether Oprah is still relevant—is always smartly argued.

PR Daily (Public Relations) – Editor Michael Sebastian culls the best of the PR world every weekday—and his team of contributors (which includes Jackson Wightman, Susan Young, Gil Rudawsky, and Kevin Allen) are top notch. The site contains a nice mix of evergreen “how to” stories, fun trend posts, and current events. I’m fortunate that they run a few of my articles each month.

The Publicity Hound (Media Relations) – Joan Stewart doesn’t dabble in theory—she offers readers high-impact, tactical information they can immediately use to improve their communications. I’ve received Joan’s newsletter since 2004, and she always manages to keep her information fresh. If you haven’t subscribed to her newsletter, now would be a good time to do so.

prTini (PR and Marketing) – On any given day, Heather Whaling may be writing about better ways to market your book, monitor your coverage, or bring your work-life balance into better…well, balance. Plus, her weekly “best of PR” links are nicely curated.

Political Wire (Politics) – Okay, so Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire isn’t a PR blog. But it’s one of my first stops every morning (and a couple of times each afternoon) for a quick summary of the day’s biggest political stories. He occasionally writes original content, but more often links to others; he has a keen eye for finding the stories that others miss. If you’re even remotely interested in politics, don’t miss his site.

Dylan Byers on Media (Politics and Media) Again, this isn’t technically a PR blog. But Dylan’s coverage of the intersection between media and politics regularly features media gaffes, PR blunders, and political communications strategy. It’s a fast, fun, and informative read.

What are your favorite blogs? Please leave your favorites in the comments section below!