From The Inbox: Why I Should Move To North Korea

I’ve been writing a daily blog for almost two years. Fortunately, most of the people who leave comments on my blog are smart readers who leave well-argued points. But not all of them.

Any blogger—especially one who writes about controversial subjects such as politics—should expect to receive some nasty comments. I received one such email a few days ago regarding an article I posted last year about George W. Bush’s reaction upon being informed of the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11.

In that original post, I had criticized President Bush for waiting seven minutes before finally leaving the classroom in which he was reading to school kids to learn more about the ongoing attacks. One reader didn’t like my conclusion.

I decided to post this email in its entirety (but without the writer’s name) for one reason: It’s important for people who are thinking about beginning their own blog to know that they’ll have to deal with these types of comments on occasion. I’d encourage them to write what they believe to be true anyway—and to develop the thick skin they’ll need to remain true to their conclusions. This one is pretty mild, but I get ones like it (and worse) at least once per week.

Here’s the email in its entirety:

According to one reader, I should move to North Korea if I question political decisions.

“Regarding the following: Ten Years After 9/11, George W. Bush Is Still Wrong:

First of all, I have never voted for a an President of the U.S. based on the party.

I think the information promoting President Bush as a non responsive President in the wake of 9/11 is none other than how so many people get trapped in their political views and thrive on downing a President for what they did or did not do.  We hear it now with Preident Obama.

I voted for both President Bush’s, all 4 times.

I voted for President Obama and will vote for him again – so obviously I do not vote based on political party.

Now, as for President Bush and what was written in the above website –

This writer has never been a President of the United States, and likely not even a Congressman, Senator, Governor, or in any position being charge of so many lives.

I remember 9/11 like most of us.  I remember this clip becaue so many people have played it over and over and over as if a method of brainwashing with their negative comments abot President Bush.  Personally, without his saying a word I can see the expression on his face of God knows how many things he was thinking about that he had been trained to think about if a situation ever occurred that American would be under attack.  This writer has NO clue what ANY President goes through when they take that office and the precautions he MUST take and think out very logically and maticuously.

Without any doubt whatsoever in my mind, I think President Bush did what was best.  The military had or one thing already been launched.  And I assure you President Bush was thinking of the airplanes and his thought process was to get the public aircraft grounded immeditely, but he had to think about things first and you can see he is thinking while in the presence of those children.

How dare this website play the games of politics like this.

If you are lefty Democrats I want no part of your thinking process.  And I say the same thing to Right Wing Republicans who can’t seem to think of anything President Obama has accomplished in his 3 1/2 years in office.

All I see are a bunch if idiots in this country who have nothing better to do that to continually put down whatever President is in office.

I think this is a disgrace to our country, and personally – if you don’t like here or don’t like the decisions a President makes get out of the country – Please – just get out and go live in N. Korea or some place like hat.  Then you can print, or TRY and print your freedom of speech belittling comments.  Oh, that’s right – maybe that wouldn’t work too well.”


Are you a blogger? Have you endured nasty comments? How have you dealt with them?