How To Create The Perfect Media Message

Whatever you do, don’t just read these articles!

This seven-part series, “How to Create the Perfect Message,” is the most comprehensive free media message development tool available online. Take advantage of it. Open a new Microsoft Word document and begin crafting your messages as you learn how to create the perfect media message.

When you’re finished, you’ll have three messages and numerous message supports (stories, stats, and sound bites) you can begin using in your media interviews immediately.

So here we go.

  1. Part One: Why Have a Message?
  2. Part Two: Creating Your Messages
  3. Part Three: Aligning Your Messages With Your Audience
  4. Part Four: Telling Powerful Stories
  5. Part Five: Don’t Use Numbers – Use Social Statistics
  6. Part Six: Preparing Sizzling Sound Bites
  7. Part Seven: Preparing For The Interview