Hilarious: This Guy Is Leading Sensitivity Workshops?

A reader sent me a link to a recent CBC Radio interview with Officer Murray Swift, a Canadian border guard tasked with conducting sensitivity training for his fellow officers.

Officer Swift’s interview with Peter Oldring of “This Is That” was jaw-dropping. In rather stunning fashion, Swift bullied the host throughout the entire interview, leading to a final answer that literally left me with my mouth agape.

I couldn’t wait to write about this media disaster, which surely would have landed on my top ten media disasters list for the year. But after exploring a bit further, I learned that “This Is That”—which I wasn’t familiar with—is a satirical program. (Thank goodness I did my due diligence!)

That normally would have killed this blog post. But the interview is just too great not to post here. So enjoy today’s post from the lighter side, even if “Officer Swift” is merely the product of a clever host’s imagination.

You can listen to the clip here. (Update: clip is no longer available.)

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