How Do You Manage a Loose Cannon?

You’re a seasoned public relations professional.

You know all about the need to stay on message in the presence of reporters. You create talking points for your clients. Perhaps you even provide them with media training.

So what do you do when your client decides to abandon your talking points and “wing it?” What can you say to the client who constantly undermines your hard work by saying something off-topic, irrelevant, or even harmful to reporters?

Aileen Abella, a Florida-based communications consultant, recently wrote in asking for suggestions about how to handle a client who is a “loose cannon” with the media.

So that’s this week’s question of the week: How do you handle a “loose cannon” client?

Please leave your experiences, best techniques, or worst nightmare stories in the comments section below.

I’ll write up a post later this week excerpting a few of your answers. In the meantime, would you kindly share this post with your networks to help get as much feedback on this question as possible?

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