Christine O’Donnell’s Bizarre CNN Walk Off

She’s not a witch, but she sure is fiery.

Christine O’Donnell, the failed 2010 Delaware Republican Senate candidate, sat down with CNN’s Piers Morgan last night to discuss her new book. But she objected to some of his questions, ultimately walking off the set in middle of the interview.

Ms. O’Donnell showed her complete cluelessness when she protested Mr. Morgan’s rather ordinary questions by heatedly asking him:

“Well, don’t you thing as a host, if I say this is what I want to talk about, that’s what we should address?”


To which Piers Morgan rightly replied, “Not really, no.” Ms. O’Donnell didn’t like that answer, so she walked off the set.

According to Ms, O’Donnell’s faulty logic, this is how news interviews should work:

Anchor: “Joining us now, O.J. Simpson. Mr. Simpson, did you kill your wife?”

O.J. Simpson: “You know, I’d really prefer talking about my golf game.”

Anchor: “Oh, sure! So, how’s your short game these days?”

Host: “And now joining us, Anthony Weiner. So, what were you thinking when you sent out those tweets of you in your tighty whities?”

Anthony Weiner: “Can we talk about last night’s Curb Your Enthusiasm instead?”

Host: “Of course! That Larry David is quite a rascal, isn’t he?”


It’s baffling why Ms. O’Donnell reacted so strongly to such an ordinary interview. If Ms. O’Donnell had ever watched Piers Morgan Tonight, she should have been able to predict these questions in advance with relative ease.

And her Piers walk off wasn’t an isolated incident – earlier today, she hung up on two Utah radio talk show hosts who were also tough (but fair) in their questioning.

I’ve yet to see a guest look good after storming off a television set. At first, I wondered whether she might have done it on purpose to try to create a controversy and sell more books. But her reaction looks genuine, and she’s yet to convince me she’s that clever.

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