Question Of the Week: Your Nightmare Media Stories

Do you have a media nightmare story?

I’m guessing you do. If there’s one thing that unites our clients, it’s that almost all of them have a tale to tell of a media interview gone terribly, terribly wrong.

Some of the stories are truly horrific. One fire chief told me a story about a  firefighter who died in the line of duty. His family hadn’t been notified yet, so when a local reporter told the fire chief he was about to report the name of the deceased firefighter, the chief begged him not to. The reporter agreed – but only if the chief agreed to a live interview. The chief agreed, and the reporter immediately sandbagged him with his first question: “Can you confirm that Bob Smith is the firefighter who died?”

I hope your stories don’t involve matters of  life and death. But I want to hear them – and I’m betting other readers do as well. So here’s this week’s question of the week:

What is your worst media nightmare story?

Please leave your story in the comments section below. I’ll compile your answers and run highlights in the next few days. Also, please share this question with your personal social networks so we can get a wide-ranging variety of answers and learn from each other. Thank you!

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