June 2011: The Five Worst Video Media Disasters

If this month’s number one media disaster surprises you, it means only one thing: You’ve been locked in a room without access to email, the phone, social networks, friends, newspapers, radio, television, or the Internet.

(Either that, or you have an iPhone on AT&T’s network.)

Without further ado, here are June’s five worst video media disasters!

#5 (Part One): Michele Bachmann Double Feature

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), a presidential candidate seeking the 2012 Republican nomination, was involved in two media disasters this month: one that she handled perfectly, and the other, well, not so much.

The Bad: It sounded good when Ms. Bachmann said she has the “spirit” of John Wayne – who, like her, was from Waterloo, Iowa. But John Wayne isn’t from Waterloo. That was John Wayne Gacy, the mass murderer who killed 33 boys.


#5 (Part Two): The Good

It’s a good idea to avoid sexist language. You can start by never calling a woman a “ditz,” an “airhead,” or “a flake.” Chris Wallace learned that the hard way when he called his guest, Ms. Bachmann, a “flake.” She responded perfectly, simultaneously elevating herself as a serious candidate and diminishing Chris Wallace as a serious host. Mr. Wallace apologized later the same day.


#4 : FIFA President Sepp Blatter Scolds Press, Storms Out

FIFA, the international organization that oversees soccer’s World Cup, has been mired in months of dreadful press, highlighted by alarming corruption and bribery charges.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter faced the press in a testy press conference a few weeks ago, during which he was asked whether FIFA was in “crisis.” His words said no. His defensiveness suggested otherwise.



#3: Stop. Just stop. Seriously, stop. Stop now.

When the Australian Broadcasting Corporation sent a reporter to a town called Woodside to ask residents how they felt about a local detention center, they got an unexpected bit of aggressive message control. Fast forward to 3:08, where the unusual fireworks begin.

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#2: Wait…Paul Revere Warned The British?

Oh, Sarah Palin. I really don’t want to include you in this list every month. I get nasty comments charging me with political bias every time I do (no matter that the number one disaster on this list belongs to a Democrat).

But come on. Paul Revere warned the British not to take away our guns with his shots and bells? Plus, what’s with your confusing word structure? If you were a 1980s computer, you would be awarded a “syntax error.”

#1: Anthony Weiner’s Offensive PR Offensive

Not fair, Anthony Weiner. Your self immolation was so spectacular, no one on this list even had a chance of catching up with you. After getting caught sexting naughty photos to strangers, Mr. Weiner:

  1. Denied the charges, claiming his account had been hacked.
  2. Said that although he hadn’t sent the photos, he couldn’t rule out “with certitude” that the erect undies shot was of him.
  3. Held a tearful press conference to admit he had sexted the photos himself, but would refuse to resign.
  4. Watched helplessly as a nude photo of his…ahem…member…was released.
  5. Saw his private news about his wife’s early-term pregnancy announced to the world.
  6.  Saw yet another batch of sexy gym photos released.
  7. Resigned in shame.

Although his two press conferences were also dreadful, this month’s winning losing video belongs to Mr. Weiner’s first defiant hallway interview, in which he sanctimoniously blasted reporters.

Click for our full analyses of this incident: Anthony Weiner’s “Bulge” Photo Crisis, and Weiner Press Conference: Responsibility Without Sacrifice.

BONUS #1: Chris Christie Yells At Woman. For a Question She Didn’t Ask.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie didn’t like a question from a constituent. In order to have given a more stereotypically New Jersey response, he would have had to have added “fuggedaboutit.”



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