The Five Most Bizarre Media Interviews

Since launching this blog in July of 2010, I’ve highlighted some of the strangest interactions I’ve seen between reporters and spokespersons.

Today, I’m compiling the five most bizarre media interviews I’ve seen over the past nine months. There were dozens to choose from – but these are the five that either make me laugh or shake my head in disbelief (or both).

Here they are, in descending order of my favorites.

#5: Groupon CEO’s Bizarre Today Show Interview (full story here): When asked by Matt Lauer about Google’s offer to buy his company, Groupon CEO Andrew Mason chose to discuss his embarrassing middle name instead. Some thought his evasion cute; I found it arrogant and counterproductive.

#4: Alvin Greene Likes His Message: South Carolina’s 2010 Democratic nominee for Senate wasn’t the most polished politician. Let’s see if you can spot his message:

#3: Carl Paladino Threatens Reporter: Even in a 2010 election year marked by unusually hostile press relations, New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino’s confrontation with a reporter stood out.

#2: Hiding Behind Milk Crates: A New Media Strategy (full story here): When the head of a local Chamber of Commerce was ambushed by a local reporter, he tried hiding in a hotel’s back hallway, near a stack of blue milk crates. The reporter found him. Surreal hilarity ensued. (2020 update: Video no longer available.)

#1: I’m Eating a Cookie (full story here): You run the local health care system. Millions of residents are concerned about the lack of available beds in local hospitals. What should you say? In one of the most sublimely surreal media clips I’ve ever seen, Dr. Stephen Duckett takes the old “baked goods” approach.

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