September’s 5 Worst Video Media Disasters

The Mr. Media Training Blog is proud to present the five worst video media disasters of September.

These politicians did themselves proud, with gaffes ranging from headless bodies and awkward dead air to on-camera profanity and death threats. And then there’s the guy with what could only be described as an overly-enthusiastic delivery. So without any further ado, this month’s top five:

#5: Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer misses an opportunity to admit there aren’t headless bodies in the desert.

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#4: Maine gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage storms out of a press conference and yells “bullshit” on-camera.

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#3: New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino threatens the life of New York Post reporter Fred Dicker, saying, “You send another goon to my daughter’s house, and I’ll take you out, buddy.” When Dicker asks how, Paladino chillingly responds, “watch.”

#2: Making a repeat appearance is Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, whose 15 seconds of silence was painful to watch.

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And coming in at #1 (quite deservedly) is Phil Davison, a Republican candidate for treasurer in Stark County, Ohio.


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