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Our industry-leading public speaking classes are designed to provide you immediate results.



Discounts for three or more. Contact us for corporate discounts available to groups of three or more or for ongoing training needs.

How is Throughline Different?

Not all public speaking classes are created equal.

Mastering anything—particularly something as vital to professional success as public speaking—takes time. We’re committed to delivering the best public speaking classes in the industry, ones that focus on your long-term growth rather than a standalone one-time experience.

That’s why our in person and online public speaking classes are only the beginning. With your registration, you’ll receive access to our 90-page presentation training binder, 10 in-depth clients-only reports, and a free one-on-one practice session. If you invest in us, we’ll invest in you.

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Public Speaking Classes Online: Six-Week Agenda

  • WEEK ONE Grab The Keys To A Successful Presentation

    • Liberate Your Material From The Page
    • Sketch A Winning Outline
    • Get Inside Your Audience's Head
    • Identify Your Key Message And "ABSO"
    • Use A Triple Open That Earns Audience Attention
  • WEEK TWO Rock Your Presentation Body

    • Bring Your Stories And Examples To Life
    • Frame Statistics For Impact
    • Retain And Regain Audience Attention
    • Craft A Two-Part Close
    • Deliver An Effective Call To Action
  • WEEK THREE Master Body Language And Manage Anxiety

    • Maximize Your Vocal Range, Control Your Pace
    • Eliminate The, Ummm, Filler Words
    • Use Effective Body Language: Energy, Gestures, Posture
    • Thrive In The Remote Environment
    • Manage Fear With Proven Physical And Mental Exercises
  • WEEK FOUR Design And Deliver Compelling Visuals

    • Learn To Use (Not Abuse) PowerPoint
    • Design Slides That Complement Your Message
    • Add Metaphor To Make Ideas Stickier
    • Use The "4S Method" To Present Slides
    • Time Your Clicks To Avoid The "Click-Talk"
  • WEEK FIVE Run The Audience Q&A

    • Draw Out A Reluctant Audience
    • Run The Floor And Control The Time
    • Align Your Responses To The Questions
    • Answer Challenging Questions With Confidence
    • Build Trust Through An Honest Exchange
  • WEEK SIX Deliver Your Graduation Talk!

    • Put It All Together: Deliver Your Final Talk
    • Receive Feedback From Your Coach And Classmates
    • Deliver Feedback To Your Classmates
    • Identify Your Biggest Takeaways
    • Discuss Next Steps For Continued Growth


11 Easy Steps to Ace Your Next Presentation

From finding your message and opening your talk to choosing the right visuals and managing fear, our free e-book will take you through 11 key steps to delivering a successful presentation.

11 Easy Steps to Ace Your Next Presentation


  • Smaller Class Sizes

    Other companies pack as many as 18 people into each session. We restrict our public speaking classes to 10 participants, ensuring more individualized attention for each attendee.

  • Deeper curriculum

    You’ll learn the most essential public speaking skills—but you’ll go deeper than the basics. We’ll teach you the subtle points that often get overlooked—but can make a huge difference.

  • Greater focus on your message

    Many group classes emphasize body language and delivery. While those skills are vitally important, they rely upon the quality of your ideas and messages. We’ll give you detailed feedback on both.

  • More Customization

    Rather than cookie-cutter classes that use generic improvised exercises, you can work on your real presentations. And you'll get a free one-on-one session to work on and receive feedback about your real presentation.

  • Extensive practice and practical feedback

    You’ll have the opportunity to practice, experiment, expand your range, and receive personalized feedback during your in-person or live remote classes. There’s no delayed gratification here—you’ll be able to implement the feedback you receive immediately and watch your confidence soar as your presentation skills grow in real time. We’ll give you the direct feedback you need to grow, in the warm and encouraging environment you deserve.

  • Highly experienced trainers

    Since 2004, our trainers have helped speakers, including corporate executives, nonprofit leaders, and subject matter experts, prepare for the world’s biggest stages, including TED, the World Economic Forum, and a presidential debate. We’ve also worked on many smaller but vitally important “stages,” including one-on-one client meetings, staff presentations, and industry events. Whatever your speaking situation, we have the experience to help you become the professional speaker you always wanted to be.

Throughline In Action

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Our proven teaching methodology, which has been delivered successfully hundreds of times since 2004, features a diverse mix of relevant activities designed to help participants grow their skill set meaningfully—often dramatically—right away. During the class, whether in person or remote, you will learn through:

  • Practice presentations

    You’ll deliver several practice presentations during the class. After each round, you’ll receive specific feedback on your message, delivery, and audience interaction. We’ll videotape your practice talks and review key excerpts with you—and you’ll get to take your videos with you.

  • Two-way feedback

    Giving feedback to other participants helps you develop a critical lens for what works well and what could be even better. Receiving feedback from other participants and the trainer helps you understand what’s resonating best and distracting most about your performance.

  • Interactive lectures

    Our fast-moving virtual and in-person lectures are packed with real-life examples and opportunities to practice new skills, and are led by dynamic trainers who know how to keep your attention.

  • Group discussion

    We’ll learn what matters to each individual in the room and modify the agenda in real time in small but meaningful ways to make your class experience as relevant to your real-life experience as possible.

  • Video examples

    We’ll show several curated clips of presenters demonstrating best practices, often in unexpected and highly effective ways.


No other national company offers such personalized end-to-end service for their remote or in-person group public speaking class participants. Because we know “one and done” doesn’t work, our relationship extends long past the training day. After you leave our course, you’ll continue your learning through:

  • Sharp takeaway materials

    You’ll receive our proprietary 90-page presentation training binder and videos of your practice talks.

  • Ten in-depth clients-only reports

    You’ll receive in-depth articles once a month for ten months following your virtual or in-person training. These reports will go deeper into areas that will help you learn, practice, and refine new skills throughout the year. Sample topics might include delivering better panel presentations, overcoming speaking fear, and speaking from a script.

  • A free one-hour Zoom call

    You can schedule a free one-hour call with one of our trainers within one year of your training, during which you can discuss an upcoming presentation, ask us to review a video of a talk you recently delivered, or anything else that would help you advance your learning.

  • A 20% discount

    A 20 percent discount on our standard hourly consulting fee for one year following your training.



Discounts for three or more. Contact us for corporate discounts available to groups of three or more or for ongoing training needs.


Who can benefit from our courses?

Public speakers of all levels.

Throughline’s public speaking class was designed for anyone whose role requires them to engage in or prepare others for presentation engagements, including:

  1. Staff meetings
  2. Client meetings
  3. Board presentations
  4. Community meetings
  5. Investor pitches
  6. Industry events
  7. Conferences
  8. Remote presentations
  9. …and many more

Our classes are perfect for public speakers of all levels. Beginners will get a framework they can apply to their future talks, and more experienced speakers will learn new techniques to help them refine their existing presentations. Whatever your starting point, the feedback you receive will help you improve upon your existing skill set.

Representatives from companies, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, individuals, and other groups will benefit from these sessions.

This class is not recommended for clients who require confidentiality. Please click here for more information about our private workshops, which include a non-disclosure agreement. Please note: we do not currently offer train-the-trainer sessions and reserve the right to turn down registrations intended for that purpose.


Here are some of the top questions we receive:

Can I expect to see improvements after just one class?

The simple answer is yes. Your presentation training company should be working to empower you with the knowledge and confidence that lead to immediate improvements. At the end of your first class, you should feel you are a better communicator than when you started. Personally, we’ve seen thousands of clients become better speakers in just hours after incorporating commonsense approaches for presentations large and small.

Does the trainer have to be an expert in my industry?

We’ve found having extensive industry experience is not as important as having deep expertise in technique and structure, which applies across industries. In fact, we’ve learned that having a broad array of clients has broadened the depth of our experience and provided us with a far greater number of techniques at our disposal.

Is there one teaching style that works better than others?

We’ve found that a combination of techniques – including short interactive lectures and video examples – is important. But ultimately, we prioritize interactive exercises with multiple practice rounds. That approach allows us to identify the training methods that will lead to immediate results. We work in real time to find a formula that works.

Is presentation training only useful for high-level presenters?

Presentation training can provide everyone with the skills, techniques, and, most importantly, the confidence to reach their audience with the messages that matter most. While we’ve helped speakers prepare for TED, the World Economic Forum, and a presidential debate, we’ve also helped plenty of public speakers find success on “smaller stages.”

Can I work with my actual presentation?

With Throughline, you can work on the topics you typically address in your presentations and speeches. The trainings are an opportunity to receive individualized feedback on the talks you expect to deliver.

Can I focus specifically on my fear of public speaking?

Any quality presentation skills training program will address all aspects of becoming a better  speaker, including reducing the anxieties that can be associated with going before an audience. As such, we include tips and strategies on how to manage that angst more effectively.

What’s more effective, live online or in-person training?

We are a presentation training company that has offered live remote training for more than a decade and have found live online and in-person training to be equally effective – and our clients concur. Our online classes are specifically designed for the online learning environment. That means shorter, more frequent, and customized sessions with our trainers.

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