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As a recognized industry leader in public speaking, we designed our live online classes to give you immediate results.


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How is Throughline Different?

Not all online public speaking classes are created equal.

Mastering anything—particularly something as vital to professional success as public speaking—takes time. We’re committed to delivering the best live online public speaking classes in the industry, ones that focus on your long-term growth rather than a standalone one-time experience.

That’s why our online public speaking classes are only the beginning. With your registration, you’ll receive:

  • A free hour of one-on-one training to practice and receive feedback on your presentation
  • Access to our 90-page handbook
  • A one-year subscription to our in-depth clients-only reports
  • Annual refresher webinars—for free.

If you invest in us, we’ll invest in you.

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Online Public Speaking Class Agenda

Day One

  • Module One Defining Your Key Message and Audience

    • Discover a New Template for Creating Presentations
    • Identify Your Key Messages
    • Structure and Outline Your Talk
    • Get Inside Your Audience’s Head
    • Learn Why Having an "ABSO" is Key
    • Use a Winning Three-Part Open
  • Module Two Creating Your Memorable Presentation

    • Become a Master Storyteller
    • Select From a Variety of Message Supports
    • Learn an Easy Tool to Retain Your Audience’s Attention
    • Keep Your Remote Audiences Engaged
    • Wrap Up with Two Closes that Leave the Audience Humming Your Tune
    • Issue a Call to Action That Leads to Meaningful Change

Day Two

  • Module Three Maximizing Your Voice and Body Language

    • Use Projection, Pace, Pitch, and Tone to Land Your Key Points
    • Explore Your Range and Expand Your Vocal Palette
    • Discover the Fix that Helps to Eliminate Filler Words
    • Create the Right Body Language "Feedback Loops"
    • Use Nonverbal Communication to Connect with Your Audience
    • Set the Tone with Your Gestures, Movement, Eye Contact, Posture, and More
    • Internalize the Tools to Reduce Speaking Anxiety and Manage Your Fear
  • Module Four Managing the Q&A and Mastering PowerPoint

    • Draw Out Your Audience and Run the Floor
    • Align Your Response to the Heart of the Question
    • Respond to Challenging Questions with Poise and Confidence
    • Learn to Use (Not Abuse) PowerPoint and Other Visuals
    • Design Slides That Complement and Reinforce Your Words
    • Use Metaphors to Turn Ordinary Slides into Sticky Ones
    • Stay a Step Ahead of Your Slides

See Us In Action

Facts Aren't Enough Why You Shouldn't Be a "Wikipedia Page" Watch Video (3 min)


  • Smaller Class Sizes

    Unlike other companies that don't limit registrations to online classes, we restrict our online public speaking classes to 12 participants, ensuring more individualized attention for each participant.

  • Deeper curriculum

    You’ll learn the most essential public speaking skills—but you’ll go deeper than the basics. We’ll teach you the subtle points that often get overlooked—but can make a huge difference.

  • Greater focus on your message

    Many group classes emphasize body language and delivery. While those skills are vitally important, they rely upon the quality of your ideas and messages. We’ll give you detailed feedback on both.

  • More Customization

    Rather than cookie-cutter classes that use generic improvised exercises, you can work on your real presentations. And don’t worry if you don’t have a “real” talk to work with—we can provide you with an easy-to-use template.

  • Real interaction

    Other companies promise interaction—but primarily through Zoom features like polls and surveys. With Throughline, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with live trainers, practice, expand your range, and receive personalized feedback.

  • Highly experienced trainers

    Many firms don't advertise who will lead your trainings, meaning you could end up with a new trainer. With us, you're guaranteed one of the firm's two partners. Since 2004, we've helped speakers prepare for the world’s biggest stages, including TED, the World Economic Forum, and a presidential debate. We’ve also worked on many smaller but vitally important “stages,” including one-on-one client meetings, staff presentations, and industry events. Whatever your speaking situation, we have the experience to help.


11 Easy Steps to Ace Your Next Presentation

From finding your message and opening your talk to choosing the right visuals and managing fear, our free e-book will take you through 11 key steps to delivering a successful presentation.

11 Easy Steps to Ace Your Next Presentation


Our proven teaching methodology, which has been delivered successfully hundreds of times since 2004, features a diverse mix of relevant activities designed to help participants grow their skill set meaningfully—often dramatically—right away. During the class, you will learn through:

  • Practice presentations

    You’ll deliver practice presentations during the class and receive specific feedback on your message and delivery.

  • Breakout exercises

    Peer-to-peer learning and practice with trainer observation and feedback.

  • Two-way feedback

    Giving feedback to other participants helps you develop a critical lens for what works well and what could be even better. Receiving feedback from other participants and the trainer helps you understand what’s resonating best and distracting most about your performance.

  • Interactive lectures

    Our fast-moving live online lectures (no pre-recorded videos!) are packed with real-life examples and opportunities to practice new skills, and are led by dynamic trainers who know how to keep your attention.

  • Video examples

    We’ll show several curated clips of presenters demonstrating public speaking best practices, often in unexpected and highly effective ways.

Upcoming Classes


No other national company offers such personalized end-to-end service for their live online group public speaking class participants. If you invest in us, we’ll invest in you. Because we know “one and done” doesn’t work, our relationship extends long past the training day. After you leave our class, you’ll continue your learning through:

  • Free one-hour one-on-one practice and feedback session

    We are the only national company that offers a free one-on-one practice session for each participant in our group classes. During that session, you can practice your real materials and receive individualized feedback.

  • Sharp takeaway materials

    You’ll receive online access to our clients-only 90-page presentation training binder, which is packed with practical guidance and real-life exercises.

  • Ten in-depth clients-only reports

    You’ll receive in-depth articles once a month for ten months following your training. These reports will go deeper into areas that will help you learn, practice, and refine new skills throughout the year. Sample topics might include delivering better panel presentations, overcoming speaking fear, and speaking from a script.

  • An annual invitation to our live clients-only webinar

    Once a year, you’ll be invited to a live clients-only webinar, during which we will offer you a refresher, introduce advanced techniques, and answer your questions. We’ll send you the video if you miss the call.

  • Discounted follow-up consulting

    A 10 percent discount on our standard hourly consulting fee for six months following your training.


Who can benefit from our remote classes?

Public speakers of all levels.

Throughline’s online public speaking class was designed for anyone whose role requires them to engage in or prepare others for public speaking engagements, including:

  1. Staff meetings
  2. Client meetings
  3. Board presentations
  4. Community meetings
  5. Investor pitches
  6. Industry events
  7. Conferences
  8. …and many more

Our live remote classes are perfect for public speakers of all levels. Beginners will get a framework they can apply to their future talks, and more experienced speakers will learn new techniques to help them refine their existing presentations. Whatever your starting point, the feedback you receive will help you improve upon your existing skill set.

Representatives from companies, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, individuals, and other groups will benefit from these sessions.

This class is not recommended for clients who require confidentiality. Please click here for more information about our private workshops, which include a non-disclosure agreement. Please note: we do not currently offer train-the-trainer sessions and reserve the right to turn down registrations intended for that purpose.

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