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  • Ep. 28. Two-Time World Debating Champion on How to Win Arguments

    GUEST: Bo Seo, Author, Good Arguments: How Debate Teaches Us to Listen and Be Heard

    Can you apply the rules of debate to your next dinner conversation? Author and champion debater Bo Seo sees parallels between formal verbal sparring and informal chatter around the table. In this episode, we talk about his book, Good Arguments: How Debate Teaches Us to Listen and Be Heard. Bo makes the case that anyone ...

    June 12, 2022

    Headshot two-time world champion debater and author Bo Seo by Jonah Hahn
    Ep. 28: 06.12.22
  • Ep. 10. How to Win Your Next Debate

    GUEST: John Donvan, Host and Moderator, Intelligence Squared U.S. Debate Series

    With polarization and deeply entrenched ideology threatening our ability to truly listen to one another, is civil discourse dead? Our guest John Donvan isn’t ready to admit defeat just yet. In our latest episode, the host and moderator of the Intelligence Squared U.S. debate series shares how he’s seen firsthand how reasoned and constructive discourse ...

    October 3, 2021

    Ep. 10: 10.03.21