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About Our Classes

A Lifetime of Improvement in Five Weeks

Beginning on September 13, 2021, we’ll meet for five 90-minute classes via Zoom on Mondays from 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. ET.

(This class meets on September 13, 20, 27, October 4, 11.)

In between each class, you’ll do small homework assignments to help you grow your skills. During each class, you’ll participate in an exercise to apply your skills to your real-life material.

After your final class, you’ll schedule a free one-on-one session to conduct and receive feedback on your practice interviews, and will receive the videos of your practices. You’ll also receive a digital or hard copy of The Media Training Bible and a monthly subscription to our 10 in-depth clients-only reports.

Media Training Online: Five-Week Class

  • WEEK ONE Learn The Elements Of A Great Media Interview

    • Master The Media Ground Rules
    • Prepare For Interviewing Success
    • Craft A Memorable 15-Second Elevator Pitch
    • Identify Your "Real" Target Audience
    • Reverse The Usual Speaking Sequence
  • WEEK TWO Build An Effective Media Message

    • Craft Compelling Media Messages
    • Transform Your Message From Newsy To Newsworthy
    • Identify Persuasive Examples And Stats
    • Develop Quotable Sound Bites Reporters Love
    • Be On Message - Always - Without Being Redundant
  • WEEK THREE Test Drive And Refine Your Messages

    • Review And Refine Your Messages
    • Practice Incorporating Your Messages Into Responses for Different Formats (e.g. edited interviews, podcasts, live segments)
    • Vary Your Messages And Message Supports
    • Sharpen Your Sound Bites
    • Receive Feedback To Finalize Your Messages
  • WEEK FOUR Answer Challenging Questions With Confidence

    • Identify The Most Common Question Types
    • Use "The ATMs" And Reframes To Stay On Track
    • Manage Tough, Loaded, And Hostile Questions
    • Seize Challenging Questions As An Opportunity
    • Boost Your Credibility With The Audience
  • WEEK FIVE Project Positive, Confident Body Language

    • Expand Your Vocal Range
    • Convey TV-Friendly Body Language
    • Learn From Research Into Energy, Eye Contact, Gestures, Posture, And More
    • Modify Your Approach For Remote-Style Interviews
    • Reduce Speaking Anxiety And Manage Fear

Media Training

Our training empowers you to be an effective media spokesperson right away. Our goal is to provide the confidence that you not only know how to address challenging media situations, but can do so with grace and poise.

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