Brad Phillips Talks Media Training on the Business Storytelling Podcast

great media interview

During a recent appearance on the Business Storytelling Podcast hosted by Christoph Trappe, Chief Executive Throughliner Brad Phillips spoke about how – with the proper approach and planning – media interviews can be a productive and positive experience for spokespersons, subject matter experts, and other media guests.

“(Media interviews can be) an opportunity to reach the audience that matters most to you, to help communicate an idea that you believe in, to help sell a product, and to help deliver a call to action that gets members of your community involved in a cause that is dear to you,” Phillips noted, during his conversation with Trappe, who in addition to hosting the podcast is an author, a digital branding strategist, and a former journalist.

The episode touched on several other ways to build your media interview skills including:

  • How to decide whether to say yes or no to an interview.
  • How to determine the goal of your interview.
  • How to get journalists to quote you as you’d like to be quoted.
  • How to learn from every interview that you do.

You can follow this podcast by visiting here. If you are looking for even more ways to improve your media interview skills,  Throughline’s experienced trainers offer custom workshops and one-on-one personalized executive training.