Break the Pattern and Keep the Audience

We fill our lives with familiar routes, steady routines, predictable preferences, automatic responses, unshakeable beliefs, and typical behavior. Do you notice a pattern? What if we were to break the pattern?

First, let’s answer why humans, by nature, are creatures of habit. We’ve learned to recognize patterns that are not a threat and tune them out. When we do that, we can reserve our energy to quickly detect change.

That was a useful skill for our ancestors, who were fending off pre-historic animals and other threats. Those dangerous threats have passed, but our predisposition to tune out unchanging stimuli has not. For a public speaker, this powerful, evolutionary tendency can sink a presentation.

In the following video, Throughline’s Brad Phillips and Christina Mozaffari, share some tips and techniques on how to “break the pattern,” a topic we cover in our public speaking courses.