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I recently spotted a tweet that asked an intriguing question: “What’s something that seems obvious within your profession, but the general public seems to misunderstand?”

That question was like catnip for me, so I sent a response. The response generated a fair bit of traction on social media, which suggested that other people were also interested in defining “media training.”

media training

Twitter is often the first draft, not the finished product. Although I like the definition that I came up with in just a couple of minutes, it’s also a bit defensive. Because I’m aware that some people (wrongly) view media training as a superficial or even dishonest exercise, I began my definition by discussing what it is not.

Frankly, I’d prefer a definition that defines it positively from the start.

Media training …

Provides you with the tools to discover your most energetic self, so that you can authentically and compellingly deliver credible and memorable messages.

Helps you to avoid gaffes and missteps that can derail even the most experienced spokespersons.

Gives you greater influence over your message and the confidence that it lands where and how you intended – no matter the medium.

Media training can do far more, too. Effective messages move others in many ways. For instance:

  • A persuasive message can convince your audience to respond to your call of action.
  • A powerful message can sway minds.
  • An inspiring message can persuade others to dream.
  • An emotional message can compel others to care.

Specialized Training for a Specialized Skill

As with any specialized task, the most effective spokespeople begin with their own innate talents and seek the education, training, and expertise that make them even better at it. Media training, plain and simple, makes you a better communicator.

Now, It’s Your Turn

Here are some of the suggested definitions our friends and followers added to the discussion.

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