What’s Your Favorite Website? Here’s Mine.

To be upfront, this post contains a sales pitch (with the lowest price available anywhere)—not for me, but for a website I truly believe in.

On many mornings since 2003, I’ve started my day by visiting Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire. It’s a nonpartisan site that pulls together brief excerpts from all over the political world—everything from critical analyses and poll numbers to obscure state races and sublimely ridiculous absurdities.

I love Political Wire because it allows me to get up to date in just a few minutes—and directs me to other articles I otherwise would have missed.

Five years ago, I reached out to Taegan, who became an early supporter of my blog. We’ve remained in touch and have gotten to know one another since then.

A few months ago, we met for coffee and discussed the state of the Republican race. Taegan said he thought Donald Trump not only had a real chance of winning the nomination, but that he wouldn’t be surprised if the race ended with a brokered convention. That may sound like an obvious prediction now—but at the time he said it, few other pundits and political professionals agreed. Like me, most political pundits assumed Trump would flame out just as Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain had four years earlier. He saw the future more accurately than most—and that judgment is typical of his ability to see the state of politics for what it is.
Political Wire Logo2
Discount Offer (Lowest Price on the Web)

Political Wire has always been free, but Taegan recently launched a membership site, on which he regularly posts his view of the race (and other political matters). It’s great.

I’m not alone in recognizing his work. If you look at the bottom of his site, you’ll see an impressive roster of his readers and fans, which include Meet The Press host Chuck Todd, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough, and Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington.

The annual membership is $50/year. Taegan agreed to discount that to $45/year for Mr. Media Training readers. Just visit this page, click on “Annual,” and enter the coupon code “MrMediaTraining.”

In so doing, you’ll not only gain access to a great site, but support one of the pioneers of independent online media.
What’s your favorite website? Let’s get a good list going in the comments section below!