Media Interview Bridging: Sample Bridge Lines

In the first part of this series, I defined what “bridging” is, showed you how to bridge during a media interview, and explained when you should do so.
In this post, you’ll find a list of 17 bridge lines. I suggest that you take a look at them, find a couple you’d be most comfortable using, and store them in memory before your next interview.
Request to readers: I’d like to build a master list of dozens of bridge lines. Please leave your favorites in the comments section below so other readers can refer to them as needed.
Media Interview Bridging Sample Bridge Lines
Sample Bridge Lines

“It’s important to remember that…”
“Keep in mind that…”
“Here’s what we’ve been hearing from our members…”
“Let me tell you what we’ve been seeing…”
“I’m not sure that’s the case…”
“That said…”
“Here’s what we know…”
“But even more importantly…”
“If your listeners keep only one thing in mind, it’s that…”
“What we see as an even bigger issue is…”
“The thing we are focusing on most is…”
“We view that as an incomplete view of the issue. The fuller view is that…”
“I wouldn’t say that. What I would say is that…”
“What our research shows is…”
“Let me put that in context.”
“That’s a common misperception, so I’m glad you brought that up.”

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