The Worst Media Bridging Phrase Of All Time?

Australia’s SBS2 channel recently aired a piece about “bridging” lines, those phrases media spokespersons use when they’re trying to transition away from a reporter’s question and to their own messages.

I found the segment quite interesting, as it breaks down where such phrases come from, what they really mean, and how they too often compromise a speaker’s authenticity.

Stephen Feneley, the media trainer featured in the clip, sent me the link with the caption, “The worst bridging phrase of all.” The phrase he’s referring to (which you’ll see in the video below) is one I hear in our training workshops and on television often. And although it may not be the worst, it’s one that always catches my ear and signals something to the audience.

What do you think? Is that the worst bridging phrase of all? If not, which one grates you the most? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.