The 10 Best Posts Of 2013

Dear Readers:

What a year!

We posted 240 articles to the Mr. Media Training Blog this year—and you rewarded our efforts with more visits than ever before. Thank you very much for being a loyal reader of our blog!

Starting tomorrow, we’ll begin running our ten best posts of the year.

These “best of” posts represent a combination of your favorite posts and my own personal favorites. The post I selected as the “best” of 2013, for example, didn’t get a lot of traffic. But I loved the post at the time—and I hope you learn as much from it as I did.

2013 Best Of

We’ll run the top ten posts from tomorrow until the end of the year. I hope you enjoy the series and are able to catch up on a few of the highlights you might have missed.

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Thank you for reading, and Happy Holidays!


Brad Phillips