February 2012: The Eight Worst Video Media Disasters (Part 1)

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, public figures go off and commit another bunch of gaffes you never saw coming.

I have to admit that I didn’t anticipate contraception roaring back to the headlines this month, especially when it involved stale jokes straight out of 1953.

Or that a public figure would try to hit a reporter with her car.

Or that a male sports anchor thought calling a female athlete the “b-word” was a good idea.

In fact, there were so many gaffes this month, I’ve had to divide the list into two parts. Today, you’ll find numbers 5-8; tune in tomorrow for numbers 1-4.

Here, without further ado, is part one of February’s eight worst video media disasters.

8. Jerry Sandusky Speaks. Again. Please Make Him Stop. 

Alleged Penn State child rapist and overall creep Jerry Sandusky delivered three minutes of rambling  comments following a hearing earlier this month. It’s incomprehensible why his attorney still lets him speak, especially after throwing out gems such as, “All of a sudden, because of allegations…I can’t take my dog on my deck and throw out biscuits to him.”

8a. Even More Sandusky Madness

If you thought Jerry Sandusky was the only creep in the family, try again. His wife Dottie almost ran over a reporter – on purpose – earlier this month. (Video no longer available.)

7. Rick Santorum Supporter Offers Inexpensive Contraception Option

Foster Friess, a major supporter to Rick Santorum’s Super PAC, made headlines earlier this month when he weighed in on the issue of contraception. “Back in my days,” he said, “they used Bayer aspirin for contraception. The gals put it between their knees, and it wasn’t that costly.”

Mr. Friess claimed afterwards that he was joking. Perhaps he was. Regardless, the strange comment took his favored candidate way off message, as Santorum spent days trying to fend off questions about his reaction to the comment.

6. Quarterback’s Wife a Bad Sport

During the last drive of the Super Bowl, a couple of New England Patriots receivers dropped passes they probably should have caught. Immediately following the game, the wife of Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, was heckled by a couple of Giants fans.

Let’s just say her reply probably didn’t endear her to her husband’s teammates.

5. Sports Anchor Calls Female Race Car Driver a Bitch

KSWB Fox5 San Diego Sports Anchor Ross Shimabuku vented against race car driver Danica Patrick earlier this month during a strangely misogynistic rant. My impression after watching the video, in which he also called Ms. Patrick a pretty “girl?” Mr. Shimabuku has some issues with women.

Click here for part two, which contains the four worst media disasters of the month.

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