November 2011: The Eight Worst Video Media Disasters, Pt. 1

As this blog’s regular readers know, I highlight the five worst video media disasters at the end of every month.

But something strange happened this month. For the first time, it proved impossible to reduce the list to just five disasters. Too many public figures self-immolated in spectacular fashion, and it would be plain irresponsible for me to exclude them from this list.

So this month, I’ll feature November’s eight worst video media disasters!

Without any further ado, here are the eight worst video media disasters of November!

#8: Liberal Host Bill Press Equates Jerry Sandusky with Herman Cain

I used to work with Bill Press at CNN and always liked him. But he was totally wrong this month when he said there’s “no difference” between Jerry Sandusky, the alleged Penn State serial child rapist, and Herman Cain, who allegedly sexually harassed several women. Sexual harassment is serious and has potentially devastating impacts on the victims – but most people would agree that serial child rape is much more serious than the allegations leveled against Mr. Cain.

#7: Herman Cain Spokesman Dodges and Weaves

As every media spokesperson knows, it’s important to have a message and transition to it as often as possible. But Herman Cain spokesperson J.D. Gordon took that too far when he spoke with the Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera about accusations of sexual harassment against Mr. Cain. Mr. Gordon refused to answer Mr. Rivera’s direct question, “Are you denying there was a cash settlement?” numerous times, leading Mr. Rivera to scold him and ask to speak directly with Mr. Cain.

#6: Child Abusing Judge Blames Daughter For Her Own Abuse

When a seven-minute video showing a father mercilessly beating his daughter surfaced earlier this month, the father – a Texas family court judge – downplayed the abuse. Making matters worse, the father (Judge William Adams), blamed his daughter for his violent outbursts. During a television interview, he tried to appear sympathetic, telling a television reporter, “As you can see, my life’s been made very difficult over all of this.” Sadly, the statute of limitations on his abuse has expired. Happily, he’s been suspended as a judge, his sociopathic behavior exposed to the world.

#5 : Jimmy Fallon’s Band Disses Michele Bachmann

When GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show, the house band chose a song called “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” for her intro music. The band’s leader, Questlove, was not suspended for his profane and inappropriate song choice (Mr. Fallon claims he didn’t know about his band’s choice until after the show aired). Although Mr. Fallon later apologized, his show’s failure to punish Questlove calls into question whether the apology was offered out of obligation or sincerity.


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