Crisis Communications: A Special Five-Part Series

I’m delighted to announce that this week, the blog will be running an in-depth, week-long series on crisis communications.

All five articles are by crisis communications pro Jane Jordan-Meier, author of the new book, The Four Stages of Highly Effective Crisis Management: How To Manage The Media In The Digital Age.

I asked Jane to write this series after reading her book. I read more than a dozen PR books each year, but her keen insight and smart selection of relevant case studies immediately made it one of my favorites.

The five articles in this week’s special series are:

Monday: The Four Stages of a Crisis

Tuesday: Beware the “ST” Factor: Your Friend or Foe in Crisis

Wednesday: Five Rules for Managing Twitter When a Crisis Strikes

Thursday: Head and Heart: Choosing The Right Spokesperson in a Crisis

Friday: Think Like a Sociopath, Act Like a Saint

Her book is not the least expensive on the market – but it’s well worth the investment and I enthusiastically recommend it. Click here to purchase her book.