Note To Readers: Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Well, the time has finally come. Mr. Media Training is getting married, and is delighted beyond words to begin sharing his life with Mrs. Media Training.

My soon-to-be wife gives me the energy to embrace life fully, inspires me to take risks, and forgives me when I spend too much time crafting a blog story instead of relaxing with her at the end of a long day. I’m a lucky, lucky man.

Tomorrow is the big day, and we’ll be off celebrating our new marriage next week.

The Roses, Ring, and Card I Used to Propose Last May. And Our Cat.

Despite my absence, I’m happy to report that this blog will have all new content every weekday next week.

I’ve asked colleague Luba Vangelova to write a series about how to dress for media interviews. Beginning on Monday, the week-long series will look at attire, makeup and hair, and will discuss what HD means for today’s media guests. If you’ve ever been on television, plan to be, or have clients who make media appearances, this is a must-read series. I hope you’ll check out her great work next week.

Have a great week, and I look forward to rejoining you upon my return. And thank you for your continued support of this blog.

– Brad