Video Tip: The Right Way To Apologize in Crisis

When a crisis strikes, the first reaction for most individuals and organizations is to become defensive.

That often leads to two media statements: the wrong one, followed days later (after the fallout has intensified) by the right one.

In this video, I’ll offer you the right way to apologize when a crisis strikes your organization.

Below are some recent case studies of good and bad apologies:

Case Study One: When a vegan magazine pretended that pictures of meat were actually vegetarian dishes, many readers felt betrayed. They released a bad statement, followed days later by a good one.

Case Study Two: When an Orange County politician sent out a racist email showing President Obama as an ape, she released an inflammatory apology before backing down days later and issuing a more direct apology.

Case Study Three: When MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell used racial language to describe an African American leader, he skipped the defensiveness and issued a tone-perfect apology instead. A role model for spokespersons everywhere.

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