October’s 5 Worst Video Media Disasters

It’s that time again…for the five worst video media disasters of the month!

This month’s selections include the head of a news network, a former news anchor, a rape suspect, a Senate candidate charged with felony obscenity, and a Senate candidate who is not a witch. Let the games begin!

#5: Let’s say you’re the head of MSNBC. And let’s say you decide to promote your network’s new brand by shooting a video and uploading it to YouTube. You might want to check the television behind your head and make sure it’s not tuned to CNN. Just saying.

#4: Few people would want to talk about the rape charges they’re facing. But when Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange walked out of a CNN interview with cameras rolling, he guaranteed the rape charge would get significantly more coverage.

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#3: CNN’s Rick Sanchez lost his job after an angry, self-pitying rant, during which he accused Jon Stewart of being a bigot who picked on him because he was Hispanic.

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#2: Our runner-up, Christine O’Donnell (Delaware’s GOP Senate candidate), is stumped when asked about the Supreme Court. Anyone can have a gap in their knowledge – but Ms. O’Donnell flubbed essentially the same question Sarah Palin blew two years earlier.

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#1: But we reserve this month’s win for South Carolina’s Democratic Senate candidate, Alvin Greene.

He was a bit unclear. Who, exactly, started the recession?

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