Upcoming Communication Skills Training From Throughline Group

Fast-paced, fun, and highly effective custom workshops designed to make a lasting impact on your professional communication skills.


Long-term growth, not "one and done"

Throughline’s communication skills training sessions are the start of a lasting relationship. Because we know “one and done” doesn’t work, we make sure that you’ll continue learning long after you leave our course.

No other national company offers such personalized end-to-end service for their public speaking workshop participants. If you invest in us, we’ll invest in you.

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Public Speaking

We've helped speakers prepare for the world’s biggest stages: TED, the World Economic Forum, and the presidential debate stage. We've helped with thousands of "smaller" talks, too. We know how to translate our deep experience for speakers at all stages of their careers.


    We'll learn about your organization, the audiences to which you speak, and your goals. Then, we'll design a fully customized workshop that delivers practical guidance participants can act upon immediately.

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  • Executive Public Speaking Training

    Benefit from our extensive experience working with top business, nonprofit, and government executives. We develop highly tailored trainings intended to help leaders make the most of their essential communications.

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Media Training

Our highly practical media training sessions empower you to become an effective media spokesperson right away. You'll learn techniques that will allow you to manage even the most challenging media encounters with poise and confidence.


    We'll learn about your organization, develop dozens of real-life practice interview questions, and design a custom agenda that emphasizes the most relevant points for your team.

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  • Executive Media Training

    We've helped thousands of leaders prepare for media interviews with the nation's largest and most influential news organizations. We'll review your existing materials, tailor your session to your real-life topics, and leave you with techniques you can implement immediately.

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