Announcing The Speak Good Podcast

Today, we’re proud to announce our newest initiative: The Speak Good Podcast.

The podcast’s tagline, “Using the Power of Communication for Good,” tells the story of what we’re striving to achieve.

Over what we hope will be a long run, host Brad Phillips will discuss challenging subjects through the lens of communication.

As examples, we’ll discuss how better communication can help to:

  • Counter misinformation
  • Bridge racial divides
  • Build stronger companies and organizations
  • Transcend ideological bubbles
  • Manage the imposter syndrome
  • Use ethical persuasion for social good
  • …and a lot more

In our inaugural episode, Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) joins us to discuss his recent article, “Republicans Smear Me on Fox News, Then Want to Grab Dinner.”

If this sounds like your type of podcast, we’d be grateful if you would subscribe right now so you don’t miss a single episode (see links below).