Summer Break (And A Special Offer)

I’m tired!

It’s been more than five months since I took my last week off—and that week, while joyful (my wife and I welcomed our first child), was hardly relaxing.

So this week, I’m going to unplug, go (mostly) dark on social media, and take a few days off from blogging. Although the photo below is what I want my next week to look like, it will probably resemble something closer to catching up on sleep, changing wet diapers, and cooking a few fresh meals.

Actually, that sounds perfect.

Man in Canoe


A Special Offer

On Friday, August 23, I’ve scheduled a bonus edition of my email newsletter. That newsletter will feature detailed, exclusive content about planning for a media crisis that will not be posted to the blog.

If you would like to receive that free bonus material on Friday, CLICK HERE now to sign up for our mailing list. 

Thank you for visiting the blog. See you back here on Monday, August 26!

– Brad