Note To Readers: A Few Changes To The Blog In 2012

I’ve been off for the past 11 days.

That’s the first vacation I’ve taken from blogging since beginning the blog in August 2010, and I needed the time off. But 11 days of a break is enough, and I’ve been surprised by just how much I’ve been itching to write again.

The time away allowed me to think about what I wanted to accomplish with the Mr. Media Training Blog this year, and I thought I’d share my goals with you:

1. More Posts: I want to post more stories to give regular readers a reason to visit more often. That’s not going to be easy, given that I’m a full-time media trainer who keeps a rather packed schedule. But I’m going to try. My goal is to write 100 more stories this year than I did last year.

2. Better Variety of Short and Long Posts: In order to post more stories, I plan to continue writing my usual longer posts while introducing a few shorter ones on occasion. I’ve typically passed on relevant but “smaller” stories that didn’t always warrant a full post, but from now on, I’ll write a few of them up in a paragraph or two.

3. More Tips You Can Use: Although I offer a fair bit of political analysis on the blog (from a communications perspective), I’m going to make sure that at least half of the stories on the blog remain about media and presentation training. I want readers to regularly leave the blog feeling that they got some smart thinking about how they can immediately improve their speeches and media interviews.

4. More Guest Posts: I’ll welcome a few more guest posts along the way, preferably from seasoned writers who know this blog’s subject, as well as its tone. If you’ve written an article exclusively for this blog that you’d like me to consider, you can email it to

You’ll see a few changes beginning this week. I’ll post a few more stories than usual, thanks to tomorrow night’s Iowa caucus, Saturday night’s debate, and Sunday morning’s debate.

If you like what you see, I hope you’ll share your favorite posts with your networks and help me spread the word. In the meantime, thank you very much for reading. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning to kick off a super-sized 2012!

Okay, this post is all about my goals. What changes would you like to see on the blog this year? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.