Week In Review: August 7- 13, 2011

Did you miss any of the new articles we published this week? If so, here’s a recap of what you missed along the way:

On Monday, we ran a social media tip that points out there is no real difference between a “personal and “professional” social media account. Just ask the P.R. executive who lost his job after an offensive tweet.

On Tuesday, we asked our question of the week, which asked you to share your worst media nightmare stories. My favorite so far is from the P.R. pro whose client, a new condominium complex, received a botched headline that read as new “High Risk Condos” instead of “High Rise Condos.”

On Wednesday, I wrote a crisis communications commentary about a new interview with President George W. Bush, in which he insisted he was right to continue reading a children’s book for seven minutes after being told about 9/11.

On Thursday, I offered an advanced media training tip to help readers take the sting out of negative accusations by redefining negative words.

On Friday, I ran my Republican debate scorecard from Thursday evening’s debate, featuring my grades for the winners and losers of the evening. Let’s just say I didn’t expect Newt Gingrich to do so well either.

Thanks for reading! See you back here on Monday morning.