Attire, Makeup and Hair: A Five-Part Series

This week, the Mr. Media Training Blog will run a five-part series on how to dress, apply makeup, and wear your hair for media interviews.
This is a must-read for spokespersons who appear on television or PR pros who prepare their clients and colleagues for television interviews.
Part One: Rules to Remember – How to Dress For a Media Interview
Part Two: Attire – Choosing the Right Colors and Clothes
Part Three: Makeup – A Guide for Men and Women
Part Four: Hair – Selecting the Right Style
Part Five: The Details – Eye Glasses, Your Hands, and High Definition (HD)
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A lot of smart people contributed to this series, and I’d like to give them proper credit here:

    • The inspiration for this series was Your Public Best: The Complete Personal Appearance and Media Training Guide by author Lillian Brown (published by Newmarket Press). Even though the book pre-dates the era of HD, her advice continues to hold up remarkably well. You will see many of her tips throughout the series. For those readers interested in this topic, I recommend buying her book for much greater detail on these topics.

  • Luba Vangelova, a communications pro and frequent collaborator, wrote this series. I asked her to write these articles exclusively for the Mr. Media Training Blog, and she did a terrific job.
  • Deborah Boland and JoJami Tyler, co-owners of the media and image consulting firm TV Image Live, were generous with their time and expertise.
  • Ingrid Grimes-Miles, the make-up artist who created Michelle Obama’s “look” and also works for WGN-TV’s morning show in Chicago, offered some great tips for readers. She can be reached at
  • And finally, Rebecca Perkins, head of the makeup department for Law & Order: SVU, offered several smart ideas from her perch on the entertainment side of the business.