Our Video Media Training Tips

We’ve released numerous video media training tips since beginning this blog. To make it easier for readers, I’ve compiled a few of our most popular videos here to make it easier to find them in a single place.

How To Avoid Being Misquoted By Reporters


An Easy Way to Develop Media Sound Bites

In this video, you’ll learn three types of compelling media sound bites — and an easy way to create them.


Eye Contact for Media Interviews: Where Should I Look?

This video teaches spokespersons the three different types of television interview formats, each of which require you to look somewhere different.


How To Give a Great Media Phone Interview

This video offers three tips to help you become a more effective media spokesperson during your phone interviews.


Crisis Communications: The Right Way To Apologize

This video will help you skip the ineffective “stage one” apology and skip straight to the more effective “stage two” apology.


Why You Should Avoid The Language of Denial

If you ever deny an accusation by using the accusatory language, you’re going to create a damaging sound bite that the media play over and over again.


Lose The Jargon!

Most spokespersons use some kind of internal lingo. It’s easy to tell people to stop using jargon, but it’s harder to actually do. Here’s a tip that will help you.