5 Least Read Stories Of 2010: A Second Chance

Blogging is a strange thing. Some stories that you expect to be huge hits get virtually no traffic, while others intended as quick stories attract thousands of readers.

Today, I offer five of my favorite stories that failed to attract an audience during 2010. Since these stories all feel a bit abandoned, I hope you’ll show them some love!

5. Can You Stop an On-Air Laughing Fit?

In December, at least three newscasters – two American, one British – lost it when they started laughing hysterically on-the-air. It got me wondering: is there anything you can do to stop uncontrolled fits of laughter? Click here to read more.

4. Hostage Press Conference: Losing Control

September’s hostage standoff at the Discovery Building in Silver Spring, Maryland ended without any innocent lives being harmed (the hostage taker was shot and killed by police). Montgomery County Police Chief Thomas Manger briefed reporters while the hostage incident was still unfolding, and his press conference offered an opportunity to deconstruct a common mistake spokespersons make during crisis communications. Click here to read more.

Chief Thomas Manger

Chief Manger “Opened the Door” During His Press Conference. Photo: Government of Montgomery County, Maryland

3. Verbal White Space: The Importance of Pausing

The graphic design concept of “white space” is a principle of design that gives the eye a “place to rest.” A similar concept – one I’ve dubbed “verbal white space” – should be applied in every speech you ever give. Click here to read more.

2. Why Scientists Are Such Terrible Spokespersons

Scientists are losing a lot of battles. Polls find fewer Americans believing in manmade climate change. Forty percent of Americans agree with the strict creationist view that the Earth was created just thousands of years ago. And scientists are part of the problem, making people less likely to believe their conclusions. Here are three reasons they fail – and what they can do to improve. Click here to read more.

Scientist Press Conference

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

1. How To Write the Perfect Speech Introduction

I love this story. And I can say that without being immodest, since the heart of the piece isn’t mine. What can Mad Men’s Don Draper teach you about public speaking? I found at during a recent lecture featuring the program’s creator, Matthew Weiner. If you ever moderate a panel or introduce a speaker, this article will help you avoid being that host who bores your audiences to tears from the very start. Click here to read more.