Our 2012 Election Preview In The News

Our 2012 election preview series, which ranked the 18 likeliest Republican candidates and President Obama on their communications skills, received extensive coverage thanks to these fine folks:

 Political Wire LogoA special thank you to Taegan Goddard, who got the  coverage started with his post, “The Great Communicators of 2012.”

Huff Post Hill Logo
Thanks to the gang at HuffPo Hill for their link called “Sarah Palin Talk Pretty One Day.”

St. Petersburg Times
In an article entitled, “Study: Marco Rubio Strongest GOP Presidential Contender, Better Communicator Than Jeb Bush,” Political Editor Adam C. Smith wrote:

“Brad Phillips, an alum of ABC News and CNN, has posted an interesting study on his Mr. Media Training site, rating 18 potential Republican challengers to Barack Obama in 2012 based on their effectiveness communicating in front of the camera. It’s a mighty subjective study, based on reviewing video of TV interviews. Rubio earns a solid A, compared to A- for Haley Barbour and Mike Huckabee, B for John Thune, B-for Jeb Bush and C + for Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint.”

Miami New Times LogoIn a story titled, “Marco Rubio Rated Best Potential Republican Presidential Candidate Based on Communication Skills,” Kyle Munzenrieder of the Miami New Times wrote:

“There’s already at least one online moment hoping to draft Marco Rubio to run for President in 2012. Those supporters might not be completely insane. An analysis by former ABC News journalist and media professional Brad Phillips rates Rubio the best communicator of all potential Republican candidates. He got an “A” overall. The only other candidate to receive an “A”? Current President Barrack Obama, well Obama circa October 2008. Yep, Rubio is apparently a better communicator than present-day Obama.”

Sunshine State News
In an article called, “Communications Guru Gives Marco Rubio High Marks,” Kevin Derby of Florida’s Sunshine State wrote:

“President Barack Obama may be an excellent communicator but he faces a serious challenge in that department from incoming U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, argued a prominent communications expert on Wednesday.”
“Maintaining that the best communicator has prevailed in every presidential election since 1980, Brad Phillips released a study Wednesday looking at the communication skills of Obama and 18 possible Republican opponents, including Rubio and former Gov. Jeb Bush. Phillips, a former journalist with CNN and ABC News, is the founder of Phillips Media Relations, a firm specializing in communications training, and is a prominent blogger.“