Mr. Media Training On, one of the world’s top 1,000 websites, featured Mr. Media Training in an article yesterday called “Mea Culpa: 5 Tips for Issuing a Public Apology.” Logo

In the article, author Janelle Harris offers five tips for the right way to apologize. The full article is available for subscribers only, but the editors of were kind enough to let me quote a few lines:

“John Mayer is a case of somebody who did it well. He made these comments in Playboy that were clearly insensitive about African-American women and his lack of attraction to them. He rightly was widely criticized for that,” says Brad Phillips, who pens the Mr. Media Training blog.
“But not only did he apologize, which the public can sometimes take as empty words, he very shortly after that canceled his Twitter account where he had 3.7 million followers, and took a rest from blogging. He said publicly that he was saying things in inappropriate ways, and he shut himself off from being able to do it. So, his apology was quickly followed by action. I think that demonstrated a clear sense of sincerity for the public, and that scandal seems to have passed without his reputation or career suffering greatly from it.”

In the full article, I also comment on the poor crisis management strategies employed by John Edwards and Keith Olbermann. MediaBistro subscribers can find the full story here.