Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

I once heard Sting say that the songs he labored over for months never became popular, but the ones he wrote in minutes became his biggest hits (explains the popularity of Brand New Day, I suppose).

That occurred to me because some of the stories I’m most proud of are among the least read. So on this long Thanksgiving weekend, I wanted to give four of my favorite stories a new lease on life.

Enjoy the holiday, and see you back here Monday morning!

Photo Credit: Elevated

1. When Reporters Put Words In Your Mouth

When an ABC News reporter agreed to do a half-hour broadcast on an environmental group, he had a radical plan in mind. Click here to see how his attempt at paraphrasing almost offended a Queen, a CEO, and a movie star.

2. What Do You Do?

Over the past decade, I’ve trained thousands of spokespersons. My first question is almost always the same: Can you tell me about your organization/company? Ninety-nine times out of 100, the spokesperson blows the answer. Click here to learn the right way to answer the question.

3. Verbal White Space: The Importance of Pausing In Public Speaking

Verbal white space – or a short pause – allows the audience to process your ideas on their terms, meaning you’ve effectively transferred information from speaker to audience. Click here to read more.

4. Toronto’s New Mayor Needs Media Training

Just for fun, here’s a good lesson why scheduling a media interview from a football field is never a good idea. Click here to read more.

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