This Week: Focus on Performance

Beginning tomorrow, Mr. Media Training will feature a five-part series looking at the five most important performance elements for any media interview.

Monday: Energy
Tuesday: Eye Contact
Wednesday: Gestures
Thursday: Posture
Friday: Voice

Since most communications studies find that the way you say something has more impact than what you say, mastering these performance elements is critical for media success.

Want proof? Ask yourself how this written transcript looks, which captures Keith Olbermann’s recent interview with South Carolina’s Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate:

Keith Olbermann: “How did [voters] find out who you were?”
Alvin Greene: “I just conducted a simple, old-fashioned campaign all across the State of South Carolina.”

Not bad, right?

But his words weren’t the problem. The problem was his laughable dreadful uncomfortable performance, as you’ll see in this clip. (Video no longer available.)

Although most media guests aren’t that bad, many do over-emphasize the importance of their words. Words matter, yes. But the right words delivered in the wrong way equals a failed interview.