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About Our Classes

We Invest In You

The class begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m., with a one-hour break for lunch between 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.

We’re committed to delivering the best public speaking classes in the industry, ones that focus on your long-term growth rather than a standalone one-time experience.

That’s why our public speaking classes are only the beginning. With your registration, you’ll receive 10 in-depth clients-only reports, a one-on-one follow-up consultation, and annual refresher webinars—for free.


  • SEGMENT ONE Your Throughline

    • Identify Your Main Points and Key Message
    • Structure and Outline Your Talk
    • Get Inside Your Audience’s Head
    • EXERCISE: Make Your Audience’s Acquaintance
    • EXERCISE: Find Your Key Message or “ABSO”
  • SEGMENT TWO Your Open

    • Win the Opening Minutes with a Triple Open
    • Select an Open That Grabs Your Audience from the Start
    • PRACTICE TALK: Deliver Your Open
  • SEGMENT THREE Your Supporting Story

    • Bring Your Stories and Statistics to Life
    • Use Proven Story Plots to Quickly Connect with Your Audience
    • PRACTICE TALK: What’s Your Story?
  • SEGMENT FOUR Your Pattern Break

    • Discover How to Retain and Regain Your Audience’s Attention
    • Use Pattern Breaks to Keep Your Audience Focused on Your Message
    • EXERCISE: Break the Pattern Race
  • SEGMENT FIVE Your Close and Call to Action

    • Wrap Up with Two Closes that Leave the Audience Humming Your Tune
    • Issue a Call to Action That Leads to Meaningful Change
    • PRACTICE TALK: Your Close and Call to Action
  • SEGMENT SIX Your Visuals

    • Learn to Use (Not Abuse) PowerPoint
    • Design Slides That Complement and Reinforce Your Words
    • Insert a Generous Heaping of Metaphor to Turn Ordinary into Sticky
    • Stay a Step Ahead of Your Slides
    • EXERCISE: Picture Your Best Visuals

  • SEGMENT SEVEN Your Voice

    • Use Projection, Pace, Pitch, and Tone to Get Your Key Points to Land
    • Explore Your Range as You Expand Your Vocal Palette
    • Discover the Fix that Helps to Eliminate Filler Words
    • EXERCISE: Find Your Voice
  • SEGMENT EIGHT Your Body Language

    • Create the Right Feedback Loops
    • Use Nonverbal Communication to Connect with Your Audience
    • Set the Tone with Your Gestures, Movement, Eye Contact, Posture, and More
    • Internalize the Tools to Reduce Speaking Anxiety and Manage Your Fear
    • EXERCISE: Know What Your Body Language Is Saying
  • SEGMENT NINE Your Q&A Session

    • Be the Conductor: Draw Out Your Audience and Run the Floor
    • Align Your Response to the Heart of the Question
    • Respond to Challenging Questions with Poise and Confidence
    • Discover the Techniques to Keep Your Answers Moving
    • EXERCISE: Answer Your Most Challenging Questions
  • SEGMENT TEN Your Throughline Talk

    • FINAL PRACTICE TALK: Putting It All Together: Your Grand Finale

Public Speaking Classes

Since 2004, we have helped speakers prepare for the world’s biggest stages, including TED, the World Economic Forum, and a presidential announcement speech. We’re committed to your long-term growth, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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